Employee timesheets can be burdensome for businesses to manage. Keeping track of each employee and the time they put into the business. Maintaining those records for FLSA compliance. It all adds up to a big headache.


We know all about this headache at Flapps, and we decided to do something about it.


The Flapps time tracking software came about because we were not happy with the existing software options out there. To do everything we needed to accomplish, we needed three or four different software programs which was cumbersome to say the least. Our goal at Flapps was to integrate those four time tracking software programs into one easy to use location. Our motto we love to use, “Work smarter, not harder!”


Before the birth of Flapps, we were using another well know employee time sheet program. It did the job that it was setup for, but was all it did: timesheets. We needed something that could track what those hours in the timesheet were for, what projects, tasks were performed. Was the time off related to sick leave or vacation?


Flapps integrates all of these components under one roof. First you setup clients, then setup projects, then tasks. Next you setup your company management and employee hierarchy. Assign those people to each project or task and you are off to the races!


As the employee performs their work during the day, they record the amount of time for each task, whether it was something for a client, a meeting or a lunch break. A very clear picture emerges for the employee timesheets at the end of the payroll cycle. You as the business owner, can go through the timesheet in great detail to analyze where the time is going and increase productivity. Flapps offers all of this in easy to generate reports.


Another great feature offered in the Flapps online time tracking software is the ability to employee timesheets while on the go. Flapps offers an iPhone and Android (release in 2013)  apps which allow your team to be out of the office, but still maintaining those vital time records. No more guessing what tasks were performed while out of the office. the employee simply opens the Flapp app and marks off what task is being performed. The software does the rest.


Employee timesheets are stored in our ultra secure cloud based servers forever. Multiple backups of data are performed to guarantee that data will be there when you need, no matter where you are. FLSA compliance is already taken care of since all timesheet records are recorded and reports can be generated on demand for any time period.


Employee timesheets are just one of the many awesome features you will have at your finger tips when you use Flapps online time tracking software.


Give it a try today, it’s FREE to take out for a test drive.

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