Increase Productivity. The holy grail of any successful business. How do you squeeze more work out of less hours? That is the goal of every business owner, with the end result being more profit.


Understand Where Your is Time Spent

The biggest single thing that anyone can do to increase productivity is to first understand what they are doing during their day. Using time tracking software on a regular methodical basis, is probably the best solution to this. By tracking your time throughout the day, you will quickly see where your time is spent. Are they tasks that are making money? Are they tasks that can be completely eliminated?


Without knowing what tasks you are doing during the day, and how much time you are spending on categories of tasks, productivity will never increase. Flapps time tracking software is a great way to start. The super simple interface, combined with the aspect of mobility make this an ideal solution to tracking your time and tasks during the day.


Lost Time, Lost Money

I’ll give you a personal example. I used to run a web design company and had hit the ceiling on the growth of the business. We had loads of customers and the phones were ringing all day, but the bottom line never increased. What were ten employees and myself doing all day? A very good question since we did not use a time tracking software solution at the time. Instead we just kept notes on pieces of paper and guessed at the hours when billing was done.


A costly mistake.

Then comes the implementation of time tracking software. At the time, “The Cloud” was not even a word in the language. Everything was desktop based and each terminal had to have a install of the software. It was costly to say the least, but we went ahead with it and the results were enlightening.


After only one week, we could start to see trends of where large number of unpaid hours were going. There was the usual stuff, Johnny taking two hour lunches. Mary going for way too many smoke breaks. But then there was the support calls. The light came on! Hours upon hours of calls to past or existing clients dealing with support calls. How did we overlook this?? Clients, even if we had not worked with them in years, would call us up complaining that their website was not working. Being the helpful person that I am, we would always help these people with the idea that it would spread good will and they would come back for more business in the future, or tell a friend.


Well sorry to say, but good will does not pay the light bill.

The first thing we had to do was create a system on dealing with support calls and quickly filtering out those that not going to make the company money. By making all employees aware of this one thing, we were able to turn many of those support calls into maintenance contracts where the customer would pay a monthly fee and be granted a set amount of time for phone and task support. It worked like a charm! The company immediately saw a rise in income that definitely helped the bottom line.


Online Time Tracking Software

Things have come a long way since then. Now Flapps time tracking software is hosted in the cloud, which means it is accessible anywhere there is an internet connection. Whether at a desktop, laptop or mobile phone, employees now can track time, tasks and expenses from anywhere. Talk about productivity gains! This is the one tool that we are now religious about using. Billing is a snap now and expenses are tracked against all projects. Gone are the days where we have to guess how many hours went into a project or task. We were shocked that what we guessed, was usually about a third of the true total time put into a project.


So do yourself a favor in 2013. Try out Flapps online time tracking software now and see for yourself the immediate benefits that can be realized to your productivity. Remember, productivity does equal money.


Happy New Year!

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