To the untrained eye the world of online time tracking software can look rather similar, and to be fair that’s an understandable perspective to have. After all, how different can time tracking software be? Well, very, is the answer to this semi rhetorical question.

If you research the best way to find the perfect software for your company using our helpful six step program you will see that there are often subtle differences between what companies have to offer.

It is these little details that end up making the biggest difference to time tracking software.

So let’s take a closer look at what Flapps has to offer and why it helps us stand out from a crowd of lookalikes.


Most Customizable Around

This is a bold statement but one that we believe we can prove to you through examples of our hard work.

Flapps began life as a start-up company but thanks to our vast experience and passion for the industry we quickly grew to proudly represent several Fortune 100 companies. Our progression didn’t happen by accident. We take great pride in providing our clients with the most customizable product on the market.

For example, most of the features on Flapps come with enabled On / Off buttons. These buttons include tens of checkboxes that help you decide exactly how the software should behave for your organization.

With Flapps you have the most customizable software at your fingertips that will allow you to alter such things as:

  • What information is visible to whom
  • What approvals should take place
  • What notifications you wish to see

The ability to select these Off buttons allows you and your company greater freedom to hide functions that you do not need. This helps create a more streamlined software product for you to use.



Evolving To Suit You

At Flapps we pride ourselves in our ability to listen and learn so we better understand what you need from our time tracking software. By doing this we evolve as a company because we are using your feedback to improve.  For example in January 2015 we rolled out new changes to our software. We introduced 10 new features to Flapps, seven of which were due to conversations we had with current users.

We listen to your needs and try to implement the changes that make sense. It is this close connection with our clients that really sets us apart from the competition.

In addition to our standard employee timesheets approved by line managers, we listened to our clients and introduced project timesheets that are approved by project managers.

We did not stop there and in addition to manager substitution features, we extended it to also include project managers. And so on.

Features you request are being added on a regular basis as we evolve to help your company. We go to great lengths to make sure our clients get the service and product that best suits their needs.





Personal Support Network

Remember the glory years of customer support when you could actually speak to a human being? And not just any human being but one that actually is an expert in the area that you are calling to enquiry about?

Well here at Flapps we still love that approach to problem solving. We take a hands on approach to supporting clients.

Our service includes live demo sessions, live chat and email correspondence plus Skype and phone conversations.

Over time we have learned that a standard user can easily setup a Flapps account. But it is the little things that our customers regularly need help with. That is what we focus on during the live demo sessions. We show you how to custom your account in a way that perfectly suits what you need.

We are delighted to help you in anyway we can and we do this all for free!

Often the little things are overlooked and the focus intensifies on the flashy new features that companies introduce. But really it is the little things, the small personal touches that help improve situations.

This is how we think at Flapps. We always keep a watchful eye on what we have done in the past to see how we can improve our product for our clients in the future.

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