Fraud in the workplace is every business owners nightmare. All it takes is that one rogue employee that decides to take advantage of your system to their benefit. Many times, that employee can cover their tracks for years, often leaving the company long before you even realize what happened.


There are many types of workplace fraud, but the most common is misrepresenting the amount of time worked or paid time off. An excellent way to limit this is to use time tracking software such as Flapps.


The Flapps Time Tracking Works

Each employee is setup in the system with a manager they report to. Time worked is entered into the system daily so a full accounting of the employee’s productivity and work day is logged. Any time off requests go through a series of approvals and are fully documented for both management review, but also the employee to review.


The beauty of this is that there is tighter controls in place to document the amount of time that an employee works virtually eliminating the chance for workplace fraud regarding time worked or time off.


For more information about Flapps online time tracking software, visit the homepage now. The sign up if free and gives a 30 evaluation period. After that, the cost is per user at a very affordable price. Group discounts are also available for 50 seats or more.

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