Choosing the perfect online time tracking software can be quite complicated. There are often many things to consider before a company feels comfortable dispersing with their tried and tested time punch clock.

So many variables to consider like what needs do the company have? How easy is it to use? How much will it cost?

But fear not as help is at hand as Flapps rolls out six easy steps to finding your perfect online time tracking software.


1)   Know What You Need

The Internet is truly a wonderful research tool. Never before have we had access to oceans of information like we do in this era. While this is great it also has a downside, and in this instance that downside is too much choice. A quick Google search for online time tracking software throws up a mind-boggling 71,700,000 results and growing in number!

So before you jump into your search you need to draw up a list of what you need. Maybe your company needs more options with Time Off requests. Or you need to be able to make more people responsible for team hours. Has it got mobility outside the office? Can you log hours when offline? All of which Flapps has by the way.

You need to know what you require before you jump into the vastness of Google.




2)   Research The Competition

By this stage you have figured out what you need from your time tracking software. Now you must research the companies that fit the bill for you. This will take some time and effort but it is important that you invest in the process. Don’t be afraid to venture past the first page of Google in search of the perfect fit for you.

Often you will find companies that seem to offer the same product but dig a little deeper to see if the software is capable of customization in case you need it as your company evolves.


3)   Test Drive The Product

Any product worth its salt will offer you a free trial. Flapps for example offers you a whopping 30-day trial. If you come across one that doesn’t it might be best to look elsewhere. After all, if they are not confident to let you try it out why should you be confident in buying? Would you buy a car without a going for a test-drive? No! Apply this line of thinking to your search for online time tracking software and you won’t go far wrong.

Using the free trial is an excellent way for you to get hands on experience with the product before you make any financial commitments.


4)   Live Demonstration

Instruction manuals and FAQ sections are great but sometimes they are full of technical language that sails right over your head. That’s why being able to request a live demonstration is a brilliant feature to look for.

Just look at how many ‘How To’ videos there are on YouTube and you will see that there is a huge demand for easy to follow, step-by-step tutorial videos. Some of these will make you lose a little bit of faith in humanity.




5)   Support System

This can make or break a product. You need to find a company that offers you top class support.  From our experience with customers we have discovered that direct communication can often lead to the improvement of the product. Our software has evolved over the years due to our ability to listen and understand what customers need.

The last thing you want is for an issue to crop up just before weekly hours are to be summited or payroll finds missing data and can’t proceed with a payment. Knowing that the time tracking company you are using has got your back in these tense situations is crucial.

That’s why we have a first class customer support system put in place to personally deal with any and all issues that you, as a customer, might face.


6)   Flexible Software

This last point does not refer to a yoga mat; it refers to picking a software product that is able to accommodate your company if needed. Consider the following; maybe you started with only 15 employees doing one specific job and your company has grown to 150 employees carrying out a multitude of different services. The original online time tracking software that you opted for might not be able to handle this change. You need one that can.

Before you commit to the purchase ask if the software is flexible to meet your business needs. Perhaps the company supplying the software can provide you with examples of doing just that. If they can, then you are on to a winner.

Our software is customizable therefore it fits in with companies that cover a wide spectrum of services.


So there you have it – six simple steps to finding the right online time tracking software for your company.

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