On August 30th Flapps will be taking to the high seas as the Clipper Round the World yacht race begins. We won’t actually be doing any sailing, but we will be following the event every step of the way.

I must admit that as a yachting enthusiast and recreational skipper I have always had a deep respect for those who take part in this race. And despite the best attempts of the staff here at Flapps HQ, I will not be leaving the office to join the race for the next eleven months. Nice try guys! Maybe next time.

Nevertheless, we are all getting into the racing spirit here at Flapps and we are particularly looking forward to following the progress of team Mission Performance as they set off on their voyage around the world.

Why did we pick Mission Performance to cheer for? We like its name – Mission Performance mirrors the values we have here at Flapps and our mission is to improve employee performance of the clients we work with. We will both be tracking time to increase productivity across our respective teams.


In case you are not familiar with the Clipper Round the World race allow us to introduce you to the epic challenge.

The race consists of eight legs that are divided into 16 individual races and covers a staggering 40,000 nautical miles or 74,080 KM around the world.

The race is opened to people with little or no experience but each identical yacht will have an experienced skipper on hand to handle the 70-foot long racing machines.

Finally, all of us here at Flapps would like to wish everybody taking part in the event the very best of luck on your quest to travel the world.

Safe travels.


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