As the 2015 version of the festive season begins to gather pace and the New Year appears on the horizon it can often be a busy time for many businesses.

Apart from the traditional rush of the holiday season there is also the unseen housekeeping issues that many managers and business owners face. There is the standard Christmas office parties, or the end of year bonus that many employees look forward to.

But there is also the tricky issue of left over vacation days. Do you cap them? Do they carry over to 2016?

Well, thanks to Flapps you can choose between both options.

To put a cap on vacation days click on the more tab from the top right corner of your Flapps homepage and then scroll down to configuration. Once you click on configuration you will see a smaller list of tabs just below the main options on your homepage (Home, Time Tracking, Time Off, Expenses, Configuration). From here select Types of Time Off and move down to vacation (which will be highlighted).

Ok, once you have done this you are ready to address the issue of left over vacation days. You will see the term PTO throughout this section; this is an abbreviation for Paid Time Off.

You will find here a series of options at your fingertips. You can set the amount of vacation days for your company using the yearly PTO Bank Amount box.


Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 12.10.52


To set a cap on vacation days, or indeed to turn it off completely, move down to the PTO Carryover Cap and uncheck the box. However, if you do want to set a limit to the amount of vacation days that can be carried over just enter a number in the Limit Amount (days) box. You can also set a time limit for when the days must be used, or leave it set to No Limits, if its your policy.

You also have the option of tailoring vacation day carryover for specific employees. Perhaps you have a project manager that has different vacation criteria to other employees. Don’t worry, as setting this is quick and easy. Simply click the Employees tab (directly under the Flapps logo), move down to the name of the employee you want to edit and click. You will now see that person’s personal information listed. To the left of this you will find the Time Off Settings tab, click this. All you have to do now is set their vacation days criteria as you need and click save.

So there you have it. Yet another glimpse at what our incredible customizable software can bring to your business. Hopefully this allows you to focus on other things like what to so with all that leftover turkey. Unfortunately we don’t have a solution for that. Not yet anyway!

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