Focus on Flapps: Workweek

3 min read The eleventh entry in the Focus on Flapps blog series breaks down the workweek feature in Flapps. The feature allows you to set up your company workweek in terms of the daily hours that you require to be logged. You … Read More

What’s New in Flapps: part 4

2 min read As we race towards the end of the year we thought we would take this time to give you one final update with the latest news from Flapps. 2016 has been an incredibly busy year for us all as we … Read More

Focus on Flapps: Employees

3 min read We shine the spotlight on the Employees section in the latest installment of Focus on Flapps. Please note that this feature is only available to project managers and those that have admin responsibilities. The Employees feature is a multifunctional tool … Read More