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Absence and Time-off Management is a Requirement for a Successful Business


A basic requirement of any successful business is the ability to track and record employee absence requests. Those requests could be sick days off, vacation time off or personal time-off.


Flapps online time tracking software is a great tool that has this feature already built into the system. Employees are first categorized into teams with managers. Once that is in place, employees can go online and request time-off directly to their manager. This leaves a clear paper trail of requests.


At this point the manager can either approve the requested time off, or deny it. Again, leaving a clear paper trail in the case of audits or questions.


Once the time off is approved, the hours requested are deducted from the employees’ pool of available time off, such as sick time off, paid time-off or just a personal day off. Absence management becomes much easier to control and audit for HR purposes. This is also a great tool for employees to check their allowed time-off and see how much they have left in their account.


PTO, or paid time off and LOA, also known as Leave of Absence, are all trackable via the Flapps Absence Management screen in the software. Absence Management is further enhanced by ready to go reports that can pull up all employees and their associated time-off requests and remaining time off balances.


If you have any questions about how this work in Flapps, please drop up a line and someone here will be happy to help. Email us at: info@flapps.com


Thanks again for your continued support! We are working to make Flapps the number one online time tracking app out there.



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