Attendance Tracking Methods

Step into the future of attendance tracking with our innovative methods designed to innovate workforce management. From seamless NFC technology to intuitive web and mobile apps, our set of solutions empowers you to track employee’s attendance with precision and efficiency.

Attendance tracking methods

NFC Time Clock: Simplify Attendance

Experience the simplicity of NFC technology with our wall-mounted NFC Time Clock, offering fast and seamless clock-in and clock-out functionality. No complicated buttons or processes, you simply need to tap in and tap out using programmable NFC cards. With real-time data insights, managers can monitor employee’s presence with minimum efforts, address health and safety concerns, and ensure smooth work distribution. Moreover, with monthly attendance data promptly available, payroll processing becomes a breeze.

NFC Time Clock

Web and Mobile App: Convenience at Your Fingertips

 It’s time to opt for a convenient tool, discover our web and mobile app interfaces, offering a full range of functionalities from clock-in, clock-out, to recording breaks. Whether you're at your desk or on the go, our user-friendly interfaces make attendance tracking effortless and accessible for all smartphone users. Say goodbye to paper timesheets and hello to streamlined time management.

Web and Mobile App

Autofill Function: Simplify Attendance Management

Project managers will be thrilled with our Autofill function that will definitely simplify attendance management and streamline  workflow processes. With just one click, managers are able to fill in attendance hours according to scheduled shifts, saving time and reducing administrative burden. Need to make manual edits or changes? No problem, our intuitive interface allows for seamless adjustments, ensuring accuracy and compliance at every step.


Edit and Add Attendance with Ease

In addition to providing an overview of current attendance, our system empowers managers with the flexibility to add and edit attendance hours manually, ensuring accuracy and completeness in the workforce management processes. Whether an employee forgets to record their time or in case of exceptional circumstances where manual intervention is required, our intuitive interface makes it easy for managers to maintain accurate attendance records.


Seamless Adding and Editing Capabilities

With our system, managers can effortlessly edit attendance hours to reflect accurate time worked by employees. In cases where employees fail to record their time, managers have the option to add or edit attendance hours manually. Whether it's for a missed clock-in or a special circumstance that requires additional hours to be added, our system makes it easy for managers to input attendance data with just a few clicks, ensuring that no time goes unaccounted for.


Maintain Compliance and Accuracy

By providing managers with the ability to edit and add attendance hours manually, our system helps maintain compliance with labor regulations and ensures accurate payroll processing. With real-time visibility into attendance data, managers can address discrepancies promptly, ensuring that employee hours are recorded accurately and fairly.


Transparent Attendance Management: Tracking Changes with Precision

Transparency and accountability are our main values!  With our comprehensive tracking system, every change, whether made by a manager, a HR personnel, or an employee, is meticulously recorded in the attendance hours detail, providing a clear and auditable trail of all time tracking activities. Every adjustment, modification, or addition to attendance hours is logged in detail, offering a full visibility into the evolution of attendance records.


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Experience the future of attendance tracking with our innovative solutions. From NFC technology to web and mobile apps and automated attendance management, our methods are designed to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and drive productivity. Get started today and transform your workforce management experience!


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