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We are excited to announce the set of new features in Flapps. We listened to your requests and introduced many new or enhancements to existing features. This blog post will briefly go into detail of each new feature so we recommend to get a good cup of coffee while reading.


The most important and the most visible change to Flapps is the complete design overhaul that we released back in December. We said good bye to the old 2012 design and welcomed fresh new and modern layout of Flapps.



New design brings the clarity, speed, better organized navigation and nicer look and feel. We got many positive responses about new design from you since November, we are glad that you like the new design and that it is a proof for us that it was a step in the right direction.



The first new thing you see when you sign in is completely revamped Dashboard. It allows you to quickly log your hours directly from the dashboard, it shows three animated charts with the overview of your hours and gives you your rankings within your organization on the basis of different time tracking aspects

Simple employee announcement feature has been embraced by many of you very quickly, it allows HR department to communicate in the simplest way a brief note to the employees. For the project managers, we introduced new projects overview allowing to set percentage that the project is complete. Upon setting that, the dynamic pie chart shows the percentage of the project costs already incurred, estimated remaining costs and the current stance on the project profit. Calculations are done using project budget and employee cost rates.



With Dashboard, now having more components, we let you choose which components your employees will or will not have on their Dashboard. It can be easily modified in the Dashboard Settings in the Configuration.



New design brought completely new Daily sheet which is much better laid out and in addition to logging hours or using timer, it allows you to move, copy or mass delete records, features not available before.



Weekly sheet is also completely new, we worked hard to make it very easy to use, now you can use keyboard arrows as in excel to move up/down and left/right to enter hours.



The list of new features goes on. We significantly enhanced employee import and employee export feature. They are a great tool for larger companies to do bulk adjustments easily. We added a feature of Project import and export and also Cost Center import and export. Each employee or project can now be assigned a Cost Center and reports can be created using a Cost Center filter.



For companies with irregular employee working calendars, we introduced a monthly/yearly working calendar import. It allows you to assign irregular workdays to your individual employees.



Additionally, Flapps allows you to define morning, afternoon and night shift and enhanced payroll report shows number of hours worked within the each shift.



This very neat feature was suggested to us by few of our clients and it simplifies the Time and Attendance taking even further. When selected, Flapps is being used by employees only for Leave Management and Flapps automatically calculates hours worked as scheduled work hours less time off hours taken. Automatically calculated attendance is then shown in the Payroll report.



Monthly timesheets can now be configured to weekly, bi-weekly or custom-length timesheets all with a customizable timesheet start date. Simple as it sounds, it was a very complex feature to introduce that sets Flapps apart from similar time and attendance apps.



Up until now, employee timesheets were being approved by line-managers only. This scenario was not very suitable for project oriented companies where people worked on more projects simultaneously and where projects manager wanted to have their word over approving or declining logged work on a project. To tackle this issue, we introduced Project Timesheets. Projects with enabled PM approvals let project manager review project timesheet for selected time period and approve/modify or delete project hours. Only after that can line manager approve employee’s timesheet.



Let’s be honest, employees are not very disciplined and timely in logging their work. More than handful of clients asked us to consult them how to encourage employees to log hours regularly and exactly. We release a friendly notification feature, that can be setup to email employees several types of reminders. Flapps now can email employees on a weekly basis to log their hours, It can email them at the end of the month to Submit the timesheet or email project managers to approve project hours. Shortly after introducing this feature we received a great feedback that the friendly reminder is working great and in fact employees are more disciplined in logging their hours.



We did few enhancements of the vacation carry over feature, it is easier to setup the company carry over and vacation capping rules. Additionally it is easier now to adjust individual employees remaining balance and set or import vacation entitlement.



JIRA plugin related enhancements brought better stability into the integration as it is being used by more and more clients. Flapps is one of the few time tracking apps with a fully functional JIRA integration. This Enterprise plan feature is currently free for all users of Professional plan as well, it will become a paid add-on starting March 1st.



Our main goal is to keep Flapps simple to use. We achieved this goal by redesigning and simplifying the application, however with releasing more new features, the setting up of Flapps gets more complex as it allows you to customize many details. To make the setup easier, we’re releasing an Online manual, the small button on the right hand side of the app, that scrolls out the help for the specific feature you’re working on. Instead of having a separate user manual website, we decided it to integrate it directly into Flapps and show it right when and where you need it. We started adding the help content, you will be seeing more and more of it in the coming weeks.



This concludes our list of recently introduced new features. Our product team works tirelessly on evolution and improvements of Flapps features with the goal to be the world’s friendliest time and attendance software. We genuinely welcome all comments, ideas and feature suggestions from you, we couldn’t be where we are today without you.

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