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Benefits of Web Based Applications

< 1 min read   Web based applications can do magic under the current upheaval of the coronavirus pandemic. The number of “office” locations multiplied suddenly and largely to protect the health of their employees. The necessity of making technological choices took up a new … Read More

Focus on Flapps: Interactive Calendars

2 min read Welcome to the second part of the Focus on Flapps blog series. The aim of these blogs is to give you, our loyal user, a better understanding of how some of the features within your online time tracking software work. … Read More

Focus on Flapps: Overtime Overhaul

2 min read   Welcome to Focus on Flapps! A new series of blog posts that pays particular attention to a specific feature of Flapps. These feature specific articles will act as an informative guide allowing you to get the best out of … Read More

Employee Time Clock: Make Your Own Smartbox

2 min read Welcome to the second part in our series of articles focusing on our new employee time clock software that brings your time tracking experience to whole new level. We recently launched our new mobile attendance software that was inspired by the … Read More

Getting Employees On Board With Time Tracking

3 min read Over the years Flapps has helped many companies implement a successful time tracking policy within their company. This has undoubtedly had a positive impact on the profitability of their business. The most successful of these companies are the ones that … Read More

How Flapps became Flapps

2 min read Flapps has come a long way since it took its fledgling steps into the world of time tracking software at the turn of the millennium. As we were working on our new website over the last few weeks we got … Read More

Behind The Scenes at Flapps

2 min read It’s been a busy few weeks here at Flapps HQ as we gear up for a series of very important events. So we thought we would take you behind the scenes to give you a glimpse into what has been … Read More

Flapps Around The World

< 1 min read On August 30th Flapps will be taking to the high seas as the Clipper Round the World yacht race begins. We won’t actually be doing any sailing, but we will be following the event every step of the way. I must … Read More

Top Ten Time Tracking Software Features

4 min read Never judge a book by its cover they say. Sound advice. It’s the kind of advice that can serve you well in all aspects of your life. But it’s one thing having this advice, it’s another thing to understand it. … Read More

Online Time Tracking

2 min read Online time tracking is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Period. If you do not know where your time is going, then how can you know if your business is running in a profitable mode, or … Read More