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Tracking time in the workplace is now a requirement for all businesses with employees. In order to be compliant with local, state and federal requirements, businesses must track and maintain records of the hours that each employee works. Failure to do so can lead to harsh penalties and fines.


Use Time Tracking Software to be Compliant with FLSA

For employers, FLSA requires that all employee time worked, but be recorded and saved. Failure to comply with this will lead to huge unnecessary fines and penalties. By using online time tracking software, the hard work of recording and keeping time records is over. Each employee maintains their own records which are approved by the manager. The data is saved, archived and backed up forever.


Time Tracking Compliance in Other Industries

Even outside of FLSA, there are other regulations that employers must follow. Many businesses that involve driving such as trucks or taxis, must record the hours worked by their employees, as drivers are not allowed to work more than a certain number of hours for safety reasons.


The burden of compliance in recording hours worked has been greatly reduced with the introduction of online time tracking software such as Flapps. Now the burden of time tracking can be put onto the employees for daily updates, and approved by a manager that reviews the time records weekly. Alerts can be emailed to managers in the case that one employee is not filling out their time sheets, or is coming close to their limit of allowed hours worked.


Online time tracking has the advantage of being integrated into the employees daily work with little or no loss in productivity. Compliance departments love online time tracking as it gives very clear reports that are backed up and saved without any thought.


Flapps is one of the best online time tracking software available on the market today. The amount of customization and features is unrivaled. It really is the customization that makes Flapps stand out from the rest of other online time tracking software. We will discuss the customization features in another article, but for now it is important to keep in mind that flexibility in any software solution is critical to long term business integration and success.


Learn more about Flapps and how this online time tracking software can help your business stay in compliance with state and federal labor laws.


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