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There have been tons of books and blogs written about work productivity, personal productivity, employee productivity. There are many software applications meant to help with the productivity, there even is an AppStore category named Productivity.


What does the productivity really mean and can a time tracking app like Flapps help increase the employee productivity? By definition, productivity is the effectiveness of work measured as output per unit of input where by input we mean employee hours put in and output is whatherver your company is selling / providing. In other words, how much meaningful work does one employee do.


Is it easy to measure the productivity? The input part of the equation (employees wages) can be calculated easily and precisely, however the output part is where it gets tricky. Especially in the services industry where the output is intangible, creating it spans over months and takes a team of people that work on several projects at the same time and in constantly changing environment.


And that’s where Flapps comes into play. Whether working mobile, in the office or both, we help measure the work input hours and output hours while giving it sense of what part of it is meaningful. We help to give structure to employee work, give alternative view to workday and guide employees to think in terms of hours, tasks, billable time etc. By having to document the work, it changes the employees’ mindsets and helps them to better realize what they spent (or should have spent) time working on and at the end of a day whether it created the value. Flapps, if used correctly by line managers, over time influences employees’ work behavior.


Productivity is super important aspect which all companies should be focusing on. To prove that, I want to quote words of Satya Nadella, newly appointed Microsoft CEO which he sent to his employees as his first address and how we envisions the position of his company.


“At our core, Microsoft is the productivity and platform company for the mobile-first and cloud-first world. We will reinvent productivity to empower every person and every organization on the planet to do more and achieve more.”


And that is exactly what Flapps has been and is doing. Giving companies innovative productivity tool in mobile-first and cloud-first environment to help them achieve their goals through increasing the productivity.


We encourage you to try Flapps for yourself, please sign up for a free trial here.




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