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Welcome to the second part in our series of articles focusing on our new employee time clock software that brings your time tracking experience to whole new level.

We recently launched our new mobile attendance software that was inspired by the old clock in and out system that was used to great effect by large factories decades ago.

Making the box, or the smartbox as we call it, is simple and cost effective. But instead of just taking our word for it we decided to give you a step-by-step guide to making and installing your very own smartbox so you can get your mobile attendance up and running.

So here it is, our how to make a smartbox guide.


Step 1:

To create your very own smartbox you need the following; 3G or WiFi enabled Android device (with the latest Flapps app installed), a cover for the smartphone and a standard electrical box. Please note that the cover for the smartphone must have a smooth surface for the adhesive tape to work.


Step 2:

Above you will see some of the tools you need to complete the smartbox. You will need double-sided adhesive tape, a drill with a 3.5 mm drill bit, a knife or scissors, a measuring tape or ruler, marker and a screwdriver. You will also need an extension power cord to connect to the phone charger in the smartbox to the plug.


Step 3:

Measure where you will be placing your smartphone so the flash on your phone lines up with the hole you drill in the box.


Step 4:

Drill through the box using the 3.5 mm drill bit.


Step 5:

In the inside of the box take, place your smartphone cover in the correct spot. Once you are happy with this you need to cut and stick two strips of the double-sided tape on the outside of the phone cover.


Step 6:

Place your phone back into its cover and line the flashlight on the phone to the hole that you have previously drilled in the box. If you are having a problem lining the phone up try switching the flashlight app on and using the light from the phone to guide you.


Step 7:

The phone will now be correctly lined up securely held in place.


Step 8:

To create a space for your power cord to enter the box you need to create a hole. Simply use the 3.5 mm drill bit and drill two holes beside each other. You then need to drill out the remaining middle section between the two holes. You should now have a large enough space to safely feed the extension power cord into the smartbox.


Step 9:

To attach the phone charger inside the box you need to add two pieces of adhesive tape to the charger unit. One will stick to the side of the box and the other to the back of the box.


Step 10:

When you have completed all of that you simply connect the phone charger to the phone and close the box securely.


Step 11:

The final stage of the process involves the use of Near Field Communication (NFC) cards that contain all the relevant employee details, such as name, I.D. and email address. To find out more about how to order and program the NFC cards please visit this site.

Once you have all of these steps completed you are now ready to begin tracking time yet another way with Flapps.


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