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At Flapps we continue to evolve and improve our product so you get the best time tracking experience on the market.

With this in mind we are happy to announce we have made a big change to the billing section of Flapps.

First of all, we have renamed it as invoicing and it has become an incredibly detailed and flexible part of our time tracking software.

Unlike many other products on the market we have moved away from the comprehensive report style used by a lot of our competitors. We found that this type of report was restrictive for our clients. Previously this comprehensive report created an excel sheet with information you added. You then had to export and convert it into a word document. Or you would need to buy separate invoicing software, which of course meant more expense for you to cover.

Flapps’ new invoicing section takes that headache and extra expense away by allowing you to create an all-encompassing professional invoice that you can send to your clients.



Our new invoicing section is perfect for a wide range of professionals. From freelancers to large companies, our invoicing section gives you all the options you need right at your fingertips.

Previously when you used the comprehensive report to input your information it restricted you to only including your company logo, name of company, date and work details on the report. You would then need to put these details into some separate software to generate the invoice you need to send to your clients.


Detailed Options

With our improved invoice sections you can fully customize what your invoice looks like. You can now add company identification details such as name, address, zip code and tax number. Speaking of tax, you now have the possibility of adding other tax options to your invoice such as VAT.

You can also take advantage of the incredible customizable nature of the new invoicing section to create an invoice just the way you want. Before you create your invoice you have the option to group all your details together by selecting grouped under the invoice type section. This will put all your details together and creates a shorter invoice. If you select detailed you will create a larger invoice with a complete breakdown of your working details.

Customize Your Invoice

You can now modify all your details such as the date, project and task. You can also add a new line to each day in case you missed something in your timesheet memo.

Finally, you can change the hours you worked on the project along with the rate you charge. It’s important to remember that any change you make at this stage will not change your original timesheet as the invoice is used only for the hours you are billing your client.

When you create an invoice for the first time you can customize what number you put on the invoice. So for example you might pick 2015/001, once you create an invoice with your specifically selected number the invoice software will automatically add your number to future invoices. So 2015/001 will become 2005/002 and so on until you decide to change it to something else.


No Repeats

Another important difference in our new invoice section is the fact that unlike the comprehensive report you cannot bill a client twice for the same job. Our software recognizes that you have already added the data before and will generate an invoice with a total of zero showing. So there is no possibility of your client receiving the same bill numerous times.

We believe our new and improved invoice section will save you time and money while creating hassle free professional invoices.

Happy invoicing!

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