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The seventh chapter in the Focus on Flapps story is concerned with the Clients & Projects section of Flapps. This blog entry will focus mainly on clients and projects but it will also highlight the many options available via the large plus sign that is located to the right of the screen. As you will find, this adds a new element to your online time tracking experience with Flapps.

We will focus on the Projects section first for no other reason than it is the one that you will see when you click on the Clients & Projects tab.

The projects section is where you will find every detail of the projects that you are working on. You can use the selection of dropdown menu options to tailor your search for a specific project or you can hit the clear filter button to give you a wider search.


Under this section you will see an information table that relates to every aspect of your projects. This is your one-stop source for all the details of all the projects that your business currently has. You will also be able to view a helpful progress bar that fills up to reflect the amount of hours currently logged on the project. The pencil allows you to edit any and all project information if the need should arise.

To the right of this sits the project timesheets and notification icon. The project timesheets button will bring you to the timesheet for that particular one and opens up myriad of options for you to use, such as approving or declining project hours, checking on the members of the project team and a project summary.

The notification icon is a relatively new addition to this section and will be a helpful recourse for project/line managers as it flags up the number of timesheet changes that have yet to be approved. This will be an excellent feature to utilize as you get closer to payday, as it will show specifically what was missed or what needs to be approved or declined.


The Clients tab brings you to a similar looking page as the Projects tab however it is focused solely on the client. You can use the dropdown menu section to search for a particular client or you can once again look at the information table below this to see all the clients listed. The edit pencil will once again allow you to edit the details for the clients. One new feature open to you here is the Client’s contacts section. You can access this by clicking on the edit pencil. This will be useful to project managers or even managers as they can enter details of clients and click the activate button. This will allow you quick access to client details and progression reports.

The projects or clients section also has the large + sign that is located to the right of the screen. Clicking on it gives you four new options, Add New Client, Add New Project, Import Projects and Export Projects. Using the large plus sign will make adding new projects and clients simple, meaning every possible eventuality is covered in this section.

So that is the Clients and Projects tab. We think you will find it to be an incredibly valuable tool for your business as it keeps all information relating to your clients and your projects in one easy to locate place. It also allows you to check on the progress of your projects and to make sure that project managers can always view crucial data relating to the progression of all projects that they are involved in.

As you can see this feature adds yet another flexible option with your favorite online time tracking solution and another reason why Flapps is streets ahead of the competition.


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