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An often overlooked page, but a very important part of our service, the Homepage is the next feature in the Focus on Flapps series.

The first thing to mention about the homepage is how customizable it is. You can decide what is visible to you and what you wish to remove by accessing your settings options via the configuration tab. Located to the left of the settings page you can switch off features such as Org chart and Dashboard. If you decide to turn these off they will no longer appear on your homepage.

For the purpose of this blog we are going to assume that you have all options selected and you have a full homepage in front of you.


On your homepage you will see four options; Dashboard, Organization Chart, Timesheets and Yearly Summary. You also have the large plus sign on the right that contains numerous other options such as Daily Timesheet, Time Off Request and Invoice.

The Dashboard gives you a statistical insight into your time logged at work. You get access to a percentage breakdown of your hours worked on the current day, week and month. You will also be able to access information relating to current projects, including a progress bar that fills as hours are logged.

Under the plus sign you will find company announcements (this could be something like internal messages or the latest from a company Facebook page) and a short To Do list. Directly under this you will see the latest Tweets from the Flapps team with updates and latest news from us.


You can see a detailed breakdown of the hierarchy of your company by utilizing the Organization Chart. This shows you everything from the company role of an employee to the team structures that usually occur when there are projects and project teams within the company. If you have admin status you can click on the name of the person and you can then edit their personal information, along with viewing/editing the time off & workweek settings of that person.


The Timesheets option on the homepage allows you to check your timesheet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. You can also amend your timesheet here before you submit it and your project/line manager closes it. By using this feature you can specifically search for time sheets using the calendar date find option. As an admin or project manager you also have the option to edit the timesheet of other employees. You can also reopen the timesheet for an employee or line manager.


The final feature that you have on the homepage is the Yearly Summary. Using this feature allows you to view a complete breakdown of their types of time off for all employees over the course of a year. You can also go back and view this breakdown for previous years. Underneath the option to change the year you will find a progress bar relating to the hours worked on projects throughout the year.

So as you can see your homepage is jam-packed with lots of extra features that could prove to be very useful to you and your company. Remember, if you find that you do need some of these options you can also turn them off through your settings.

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