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Welcome to the sixth Focus on Flapps blog entry. In this piece we will be looking at the Reports section of Flapps.

The Reports feature is easily our most comprehensive and all-encompassing section in Flapps. Believe it or not but there are ten different report sections located inside the feature!

These cover every possible scenario you can think of and provide you with a valuable tool that should prove very valuable to you and your business.

So where do you start when trying to explain such a massive feature as Reports? Well like any good story we will start at the beginning.

When you open the feature you will see all the sub-sections of reports listed in tab form just below the main tab section. There will be six listed here and you can access the other four by clicking on the blue arrow that is sandwiched in between the Time Off Spending Report and the Support drop down box.


As there are so many options here and we will focus on some of the standout features available to you. But as always, please feel free to jump in and investigate everything contained in Reports for yourself.

So first up under the spotlight will be the Comprehensive Report. Like the name suggests, this style of report is your one-stop shop for all your time tracking needs.

The real beauty of this report is the freedom you have to create a report anyway you want. For example you can select a specific time period, or you can pick the current week, previous week, current month etc. You can also control exactly what will appear in the report you want to create by clicking on the Selected tab that appears in the columns in the report section. This allows you to create an excel sheet with all the options or you can edit the document to contain what information you want to view on the report.

The ability to tailor the report to suit you will make reading / studying the report quicker and easier meaning your ability to view all tracked time will be more streamlined and efficient.

The next three reports we will focus on are all connected to the Time Off feature. The first one we will take a look at is the Payroll Report.


The Payroll Report is excellent for getting a clear breakdown of what absences occurred during a particular period of time. You can tailor this report to focus on one employee, team members or the whole company. Utilizing this report will be very important for your HR team when that all-important payday comes around.

Another important report feature to draw your attention to is the Time Off report section. Using this section is a useful report, as it allows you to completely zone in on one particular absence type. You can also widen your search to include your whole company or once again a particular employee.

The final report that we will look at is the Time Off Spending Report. This report allows you to search for a specific type of time off only. For example, if you felt that you had a particularly large number of employees absent with illness during a specific time period you could use this report feature to find the exact data. Like all of our report features it can be tailored to find numerous employees or the whole company.

The Reports section of Flapps is an incredibly dense feature that is packed with options that allow you to create reports that you can tweak and tailor to suit exactly what you need. Learning how to get the best out of it will provide you with huge advantages when you need to get an in-depth breakdown of activity connected to your business.





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