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Welcome back to a shorter than normal version of Focus on Flapps! This time out we are going to have a closer look at My Settings, a feature that you may have overlooked in the past but one that contains many important options that will prove an important area to use in Flapps.

You will find My Settings in the top right corner of your account, directly under your name. Once you open this you will arrive on the General tab. This feature contains your Application Settings and you can select items such as language preference and confirming your work substitute in case you have a leave of absence coming up. You can also decide upon the template that you wish your Flapps account to use.


The next option beside general is Frequent Tasks. This is where you can define your frequently used activities when using a timesheet. Once you have created one it will show up in your activities list.

Frequent Projects allows you to define your frequently used projects when using timesheets. Once you have done this projects will show in your projects list. Using this option allows you to set a default project for a certain client meaning time tracking will be more streamlined, resulting in quicker time tracking for employees. You can also pair a specific client with certain frequent projects by selecting an option from the drop-down menu.


The final option to draw your attention to is the Password Change option. This is a pretty straightforward one to explain but is a useful one to be aware of. When you sign up for Flapps for the first time, or indeed if you create new users, a computer generated password will be emailed as part of the sign-up procedure. Using the password change setting allows people to change that password to one of their choosing.

As you can see the my settings feature has plenty of key features that are important to get to grips with soon after you open your account with Flapps. It is also a useful place to send highlight for recently added employees so they can get to grips with their new online time and attendance tool.

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