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Happy New Year everyone and welcome to the first Focus on Flapps entry of 2017.The first blog in the series this year is going to look at the importance of using Tasks.

You will find the tasks feature located in the Configuration tab along with several of the areas that we have covered in Focus on Flapps this year.

The task feature provides companies and users with three different options. First of all you can use it to search all the tasks that you have already linked to your business. You can use the menu search boxes to find a specific task or you can alter your search parameters to look for all the tasks that fit the search that you are looking to find.


The second option open to you is the edit pencil that you will find on the right of the table that is located directly under the dropdown menu section. Clicking on this gives you the ability to rename the task along with setting the rate and including if the task rate is charged per hour or per task. You can also set it up so tasks can or cannot be added to a project.

The final option to draw your attention to is the large plus sign that is located to the right of the screen, directly under the support button.


The large plus button allows you to add a new task to your system. Clicking on it brings you to the same screen as the one you arrive on when you use the edit pencil. However, this is the best place to visit when you need to add new tasks to Flapps.

Adding tasks is an important feature to utilize as it adds an extra level of detail to your time tracking experience when using Flapps. It will be reflected in projects and in the payroll reports. It will also prove to be very important when you are invoicing clients using our Invoice section.

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