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Welcome to the fourth installment in the Focus on Flapps blog series. We hope you have found the other three parts to be both informative and helpful.

In this blog we are going to explain the Expenses section of Flapps. We are going to break down how you can get the best out of this feature, the benefits of using it, plus how to add and edit information in a way that best suits your needs.

The expenses feature is an important tool to utilize if you are running a business that bills clients for extra costs that might have been added along the way. Or if your employees charge for work related expenses, such as business lunches or costs incurred due to work related travel.

To keep on top of this you need to take full advantage of the expenses option that comes as part of your Flapps package.

The Expenses feature gives you two options to plan, track and implement any and all expenses related to employees and clients.

The expense feature contains two different tabs; Expenses and Expense Types. Please note that both of these options are only available to you if you are a project/line manager.


The Expenses tab offers you a multitude of options so you get a complete breakdown of any expenses added throughout your company. You can define your search needs via the filter option, meaning you can search by client, project and employee for example.

This option also allows you to access more options by selecting the Green + button. Using this option allows you add a new expense as an employee.

If you are using Flapps as a project/line manager you also have the option to Add a New Type via the Green + sign. This option allows you the ability to add a type of expense to your list of expenses.

The expense type – which can only be seen by employees with certain roles – allows you to check every expense that you currently have logged. You can also search for expenses that are no longer active. You can also edit the name of the expense and set it to active or not, by clicking the small edit pencil that is directly across from the name of the expense.


Under the filter section of expenses you will see a breakdown of all your expenses, both open and approved. If you are just an employee you will only see your own expenses.

If you are viewing this section as the project or line manager you will be able to see all the expenses logged by employees. From here you can approve, decline and amend the expenses as you see fit.

The Expenses feature is a yet another part of Flapps that sets us apart from the competition. It gives our clients even more options when using our product and at no extra cost.

That’s what we do here at Flapps; we give you more options with more flexibility and at no extra cost.

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