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Welcome to the second part of the Focus on Flapps blog series. The aim of these blogs is to give you, our loyal user, a better understanding of how some of the features within your online time tracking software work.

Next up under the Flapps magnifying glass is our various interactive calendars that form a large part of your Time Off section.

When you open the Time Off section you will see four option tabs just under the Flapps logo. The four options – List of Time Off, Time Off Calendar, Yearly Overview and Time Off Spending Overview – along with the extra options via the + sign circle is where your complete time off information can be found.

The interactive calendar only applies to the Time Off Calendar and the Yearly Overview. In order to run you through each calendar we will focus on one at a time. The first one we will look at is the Time Off Calendar.


The Time Off Calendar gives you an overview of the current month and all the time off that will occur during the month for each employee. Different time off will be highlighted with different colors. The chart outlining what each color represents is located at the bottom of the calendar. You can also find out what individual time off is by moving your mouse over the highlighted days. Finally, you have the option of skipping forward or back a few months, or even years, by clicking on the arrows either side of the current month that is located at the top of the calendar.


The Yearly Overview calendar gives you a complete view of the calendar year, with all time off highlighted in accordance with the color chart that you can find at the bottom of the calendar. Like the Monthly summary calendar, you can select different years by clicking on the arrows either side of the current year that is at the top of the calendar. This calendar is designed to show only one employee at a time.

Another cool feature on the Yearly Overview is the ability to request some time off directly from this calendar. To do this you just need to click on the day – you need to double click on the date if you are only requesting one day off – or days that you wish to take off. They will turn green and you also see a drop down option menu underneath the color chart. All you need to do now is fill in the details and hit submit request.

Please note, that you can only select either one day or a block of days in a row and you cannot select, for example, Monday and then Thursday in the same week. If you want to request different days off within the same week you need to do so through the traditional Request Time Off from the List of Time Off page.

Viewing all your time off and requesting time off can now be done in several ways with your favorite online time tracking software. These interactive calendars are just another example of how flexible Flapps is and we will strife to give our customers as many options as possible so they can continue to have the best time tracking experience possible.


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