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Welcome to Focus on Flapps! A new series of blog posts that pays particular attention to a specific feature of Flapps.

These feature specific articles will act as an informative guide allowing you to get the best out of your favorite online time tracking software.

The first feature that is coming under the Flapps spotlight is our new and improved overtime features that give companies several possibilities when it comes to dealing with how they handle extra hours logged.


Previously the overtime feature was designed to log and display all overtime hours at the end of the month. However, we decided that allowing our clients the ability to have their overtime hours logged and displayed daily would be more useful. It means, for example, that an employee can work longer on a Monday in order to leave early on a Friday.

Of course this is only a basic example and will also need to meet the requirements of overtime laid out by your company.


Setting your overtime options is simple and fast. All you need to do is click on the configuration button and then select types of time off from the tabs that appear under the Flapps logo. Once you have done this you need to scroll down and check the box labelled convert overtime to time off. If you check the convert overtime to time off box it allows you to convert overtime to time off on a daily basis.

If the box is unchecked, overtime is no longer counted in minutes but days. This applies to the Yearly PTO Bank Amount and Limit Amount (days) options.

The changes we have made to the overtime structure allows companies using our online time tracking software more flexibility, which in turn means that their ability to customise with Flapps gives them greater control over how they track time on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.


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