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The third installment in the Focus on Flapps blog has landed. This new series of blogs expands on some of the most important features contained within your online time tracking software.

In the previous two blog entries we have examined in detail how the new overtime feature works and how calendars in the Time Off section are now interactive. In this blog we will take a closer look at Timesheets and the flexible nature of the feature.

Timesheets can be found in three different locations within Flapps. Along with the Daily and Weekly timesheet option, you can also view your timesheet directly from an option found on your homepage.

So let’s take a look at that timesheet first.


Once you are on your Homepage you will find the time sheets option just below, alongside the tab for Dashboard and Yearly Summary. This option allows you to check your timesheet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. You can also amend your timesheet here before you submit it and your project/line manager closes it. By using this feature you can specifically search for time sheets using the calendar date find option.

Both the Daily and Weekly timesheet can be found within the Time Tracking feature. The daily timesheet has many options to unpack so let’s investigate that one next.


The daily timesheet contains many options but is really straightforward to use. On the screen you have the current month with the current date highlighted. At the top of the calendar you will see a thin progress bar that fills as your monthly hours are logged.

To the right of this you have the option of activating our new Chronological Time Tracking feature that can be set to the company wide working day. This is an ideal option if your company opens and closes its doors at the same time everyday. If you wish to use this feature you need to activate it. To do so click on configuration -> settings –> time tracking (on the left of screen) and select it from there.

Under that you will find drop down menus for Task, Client and Project. Here you add your company specific details that have been added to Flapps. You can also leave a note or memo for clients or fellow team members. Once you are happy you simply hit the save button.

If you are the HR manager, Project manager or a Line manager you will be able to see a small blue arrow under the blue line that runs across the screen. This gives you the ability to edit the hours entered by members of your team.


The final timesheet to draw your attention to is the Weekly version. In this timesheet you can see each week of the month with your sum total of your hours shown. It also will contain a detailed breakdown of what hours you spent on different tasks if you added the details. If you need to add more details to the weekly timesheet you can do so by clicking on the Add Line button just above the weekly timesheet table.

As you can see you have lots of different ways to both track and view the time you have worked with Flapps. We believe these extra options will cover any possible scenario that might arise when you are tracking time. And as always, if you feel you need an option set up in a slightly different way, or you have a suggestion to add a new feature, please get in touch, as we love working closely with you to give you the best possible time tracking experience.

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