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Over the years Flapps has helped many companies implement a successful time tracking policy within their company. This has undoubtedly had a positive impact on the profitability of their business. The most successful of these companies are the ones that got their employees to understand that time tracking was a positive addition to their working week.

Tracking employee working hours can be a hard thing to get employees to buy into. There can be a slight feeling of resentment from your employees. They might feel a bit annoyed that their working day is being monitored because their boss doesn’t trust them to do the work assigned to them.

In reality, there is no need for them to feel this way. However, convincing your employees that it’s important to track time is crucial if you want them to get on board with what you, as a company or business, are trying to achieve.

Here are a few helpful tips you can use to get employees on board with tracking time.

The best way to make your employees understand the benefits of tracking their hours at work is to first make them understand that the company is not doing it to keep an eye on individual employees. Point out that it is in place to make the business more successful through keeping track of project costs.

A comprehensive time tracking company, such as Flapps, will allow you to set budgets for all projects that your company undertakes. This is designed to track and monitor the costs on specific assignments, allowing project managers to account for all the costs incurred on the job. This in turn helps the company safeguard its future success and that of all employees as managers can easily see if budgets are spiralling out of control.

By having workers track their time on the tasks that they carried out, the project manager can easily point to their team members logged data if problems arise over budgets going over as proof that it is a result of other external factors and not because the work wasn’t carried out by his or her team.


Payroll procedure is another important point to emphasize to employees regarding time tracking. By using time tracking in your company you are guaranteed to improve the speed and quality of your payroll system. By having all the relevant data in one place it makes the process of paying employees quick, easy and most importantly, accurate. This means your employees get paid on time and there shouldn’t be any issue over the total amount paid to them. If such an issue should arise you have an instant copy of hours logged within the time tracking software.

It is also incredibly useful for tracking certain add-ons to monthly salaries via extras such as business lunches or travel expenses, if they are entered into the time tacking system.



If all of the above fails to cajole your employees to embrace the world of time tracking then you could go down the old fashion fun route. That’s right, time tracking can be fun for employees if you think outside the box a little.

For example, you could introduce something for the employees at the end of each week or month if their time sheets are completed on time. It might be a company BBQ during the summer months, or perhaps Friday evening drinks (like the Brazilian company in the video did) that is restricted to those who filled all their hours on time.

The key point to drive home to your employees is that time tracking is not a tool to monitor their individual activity during working hours. It is simply a tool to make that company/business a success and by doing so it’s providing your employees with a secure job that might even supply some nice cold beer and food at the end of the week. Now who wouldn’t like that?

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