Jane was hired without a handshake. This was a novelty - just like the novel coronavirus was, and it managed to turn our lives upside down.

Back in February 2020, we were so excited to look for our new colleague. The pandemic has stricken suddenly, but our software services and customer care had to go on. There was no halt to our plan to welcome a newcomer. Online interviews are nothing unusual or new. Still meeting in person is our preference whenever possible. Why? It is generally accepted that communication is only 7% verbal and 93% non-verbal. You want to feel the vibe, notice the body language and overall dynamics of the potential work relationship. Sometimes throwing a small joke and laughing together can be a sign of good chemistry ;)

The pandemic rulership gave us a NO GO sign to this natural approach. How did we respond? Just like thousands of other tough HR leaders. We got on with finalizing online interviews. We picked our new colleague, sorted out the necessary formalities online and by post. Next new challenge: the onboarding.

Spacious office

Making Jane Feel Comfortable 

We make sure that not a single day goes without a virtual tap on the shoulder and well-done comments. We planned a step-by-step in-depth training broken down in multiple slots with frequent coffee breaks. Video calls and shared screens are the best helpers. This way we have been introducing an array of technical weapons to tackle the job’s challenges and new processes. Jane was also given an access to our team WhatsApp groups to enjoy and share fun, plans and news.




What Does Jane Say? 

To make this story more authentic, we went directly to Jane and asked her about her experience with being hired during the pandemic...

What helped you to decide whether to take up this job offer?

First of all, I liked the job description, that's why I applied. I received the first call and more details shortly after, together with an invitation for an interview. At that time, most people worked from home already, so we agreed on a video call meeting. It was very pleasant, friendly, everything very well communicated. I appreciated the professionalism even during unexpected circumstances. Therefore, I had no reason to say no :) 


When training is done in the meeting room, things can be clarified and explained faster. Without this option, how do you communicate when something is just not clear enough?

We've had several online training sessions, which were sufficient and covered most of the important information. I'd say that my training process is still ongoing, and the questions pop up along the way. Thanks to the phones, emails and all the technology, I can bother my colleagues with issues anytime I need them to explain or clarify something.


Nature of your job is quite technical. How were you introduced the right tools/equipment to work on your tasks and bring them to success?

All I needed were logins and access to the systems. And the internet connection, of course. **Mistakes happen, that’s part of it.


How do you deal with the “Oh shoot!” moments from your isolated home office?

The good thing about working from home is that nobody hears or sees me when I go through some temporary frustration phases…I vent out in my own way and happily come back to my tasks.


Your piece of advice to other under-the-lockdown newcomers…

It's not a tragedy. Many people work remotely, not only during the lockdown. Manage your time, get rid of the distractions, communicate. Find a way how to get the best out of it, it's a perfect time for self-development :)  


Looking Ahead Things have been reshaped. This fact is now accepted. How we will come out of this track full of changes and bumps is up to each one of us. The results will depend on our current mindset. We are now given an opportunity to find fresh ways we manage HR and make our employees happy. The outcome could even be magnificent!


What is your experience? Share your online hiring story with us!