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Flapps has come a long way since it took its fledgling steps into the world of time tracking software at the turn of the millennium.

As we were working on our new website over the last few weeks we got slightly nostalgic thinking about how far we have come since our first project.

We decided to share our trip down memory lane with you. So here it is, the time tracking history of Flapps……..

The story of Flapps dates back to the summer of 2000 when we started our first enterprise time tracking project together with one of the Big 5 consulting companies for a giant telco client. The project was a success and helped open the door to delivering more enterprise solutions to banks, insurance, IT, utility, logistics and telecom companies.

A few years later we teamed up with the world’s largest PC maker on a project to create an Absence Tracking Tool. The challenge was a complex one, to make the software customizable so that their employees from different countries could track their time off while accommodating all payroll specifics of particular countries. We rolled up our collective sleeves and tackled the challenge head on and six months later the software went live and was in use for almost a decade!

From a small start-up, we gradually grew to serving clients all over the world and we now proudly work alongside several Fortune 100 companies. With each new project and each new corporate client our know-how continued to grow.





It was around 2010 when we looked around, cloud CRMs were thriving, cloud apps were popping up like mushrooms after the summer rain and that’s when we decided it’s time to create a cloud version. And that is when Flapps, was born.

Our software then made its way out of corporate data centers and into Amazon’s data center. Soon we mastered the cloud hosting using a multi-tenant software architecture, simplified user interface, created iOS and Android mobile apps, plus we put our customer support tools in place.

We then released a free trial version of Flapps and started blogging about it, building links and using new ways of marketing communication on a global scale to make our mark in the 21st century business world.

Our hard work and dedication was rewarded when in addition to many small and medium corporate clients, the world’s largest pharmaceutical company and the world’s largest container shipping company joined Flapps. Flapps is proud of each new achievement. We just love what we do!

Over the years we have become comfortable in enterprise software architecture, high-availability setups, software integrations, data backups, enterprise-grade security and compliance, but above all we learned how to provide exceptional support to our enterprise customers. We evolved to a place where accommodating changes, customizing the software, guaranteeing uptime and response times by SLAs became a daily routine.

Flapps has been obsessed with time tracking ever since we took our first steps into the world of enterprise software. We have been working extensively to help companies evolve their time tracking proficiency. We are passionate about our product and this shines through in our commitment to our clients.

So there you have it, the evolution of your favourite time tracking Software Company. As you can see, we have come a long way but we have big plans for the future and all starts with our trip to Boston this September.

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