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Any employers worst nightmare is a lawsuit from an employee. A disgruntled employee can cook up all kinds of accusations that any lawyer would love to pursue. Accusations of FLSA violations are serious and there is a boat load of lawyers just salivating to get their hands on a new case. FLSA lawsuits have sky rocketed over the past few years as more employees become aware of FLSA. Many of these lawsuits are legitimate, but many are also pure money grabs by angry ex-employees and lawyers that know these cases are easy pickings.


Accusations of FLSA violations are very serious and will have both the state and federal agencies breathing down your neck with threats of business crippling fines. Not to even mention the potential amount of time taken for research and building a case. Add on your lawyer fees and it is a recipe for bankruptcy, both physical and financial.


When your business is accused of an FLSA violation, the burden of proof lies with the business, not with the accuser. The business is required to produce clear records of each employee’s time worked on a daily basis. Breaking that time worked into breaks and tasks is even important. What did that employee do each hour of the day? What were their roles in the business? Are they exempt from FLSA, or non-exempt? All these questions must be answered in order to prove there were no FLSA violations on the part of the business.


Keeping these records can be a huge undertaking, especially if you are a small to medium size business. The most cost and time effective way of being FLSA compliant is to use time tracking software such as Flapps. Time tracking software takes the guess work out of time tracking and spreads the burden of documentation to each individual of the company. Each day, employees should be required to fill out their time and tasks performed during the work shift. A manager can then quickly scan over all employees time sheets and confirm if they are correct or not.


Flapps time tracking software then stores this data in the cloud where it can be accessed from any device that is connected to the internet. The time records and data are backed up on a regular basis so there is virtually nothing to worry about as a business owner.


Another great feature of the Flapps time tracking suite are alerts. Alerts can be setup in the program to let employees and their managers know when an employee is about to cross over the maximum allowed work hours per week. Typically this is 40 hours per week. After this point, any additional hours worked must be paid time plus one half of the hourly wage. By being sent an alert, the manager can quickly head off any overtime violations, and make the judgement to approve overtime pay or let the employee off duty.


The beauty of using Flapps time tracking software is that a full detailed report of any employee can be pulled up in a matter of seconds. Full FLSA documentation is just a click away, putting to rest any allegations or trumped up charges of FLSA violations.


Work smarter, not harder is the motto of the year! Sign up for a free Flapps account and see how it can help you manage your business smarter.

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