In the past three years, hybrid work environment has been forced on companies, large and small. Adapting our mindsets, processes and technology is still ongoing. HR departments have been focusing on leading and supporting the employees. As the companies have been experiencing hybrid workplace work culture, they are increasingly embracing new hybrid HR tools.

Office work, home office, remote work in the field, factories, or at clients’ sites create a mix of highly viable work environments. What does your hybrid workplace model look like? Thorough knowledge of your organization’s needs in the “new normal” calls for review of your current HR software, including the time tracking, attendance and leave management.



Here are some features the users of the XperienceHR time and attendance software for a hybrid workplace enjoy:

Mobile app: A mobile app allows employees to clock in and out and request time off. The managers are able to perform more tasks, such as mass approvals.

Remote clock-in: Employees who are working remotely can clock in and out using the web or mobile app (Android and iOS).

Scheduling: The software allows managers to create and publish schedules for their teams with an option to adjust the shifts on daily basis.

Leave management: The system tracks and manages employee leave, including vacation time, sick leave, and any type of time off can be easily created in the settings.

Overtime tracking: The software tracks overtime hours worked and calculates overtime pay or time off compensation according to the organization's policies.

Reporting: Reports on employee attendance, hours worked, and leave taken are generated to help managers tracking and managing workforce productivity and to run payroll.

Organizing all these categories in one principal time tracking system significantly simplifies the workflow. XperienceHR is a seasoned HR time and attendance software that helps to solve hybrid workforce obstacles, especially in mid-size and large organizations. Have a look at our video.