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The key to any successful person is usually equal the level of productivity. Being efficient with your time, and more importantly, knowing where your time is spent is probably the number one things you can do to increase productivity.


Time tracking software, such as Flapps online time tracking software, is a great way to get started understanding where your time is going. Most people think of time tracking software as only being used by business to track billable hours. But in fact, online time tracking software is a great way to help  you understand what you are doing during your day and make adjustments to those activities to become more efficient and increase your level of productivity.


I am a perfect example of how this simple act, can benefit your life. Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time in the day? Do you ever wonder what you did during the day that consumed so much of your precious time?


Me too. Well, I used to ask those  questions, but now things have changed. For the better I might add.


I was talking to a friend one night over a glass of wine. Now this is a guy that I have always admired for his personal success. My wife and I marveled at how much he did during his days, and how many projects he was managing. Our conversation that night weaved from topic to topic until we stumbled upon TIME. I was complaining how days blurred into weeks. Weeks into months. I never felt like I was getting anywhere with my projects. That’s when he told me his little secret to success.


He explained to me that his secret was not really a secret at all. It was about a little bit of discipline and little piece of software.


Software??? What??


Yes, he said, and went on to explain that he was exactly in the same situation I was in several years back. He had no idea where his days were going and felt lost. That’s when he started using online time tracking software such as Flapps.


By spending a few minutes of his day and recording each of his activities as they happened, along with the time spent on that activity, he was able to get insight into his life patterns. We all have those patterns in our lives. By nature we are creatures of habit. We wake up around the same time, make our coffee, check our email, feed the dog. These routines spill out into the normal course of the day in an unconscious way. We don’t even realize that we are doing most of these things. But there we are, 12:15pm standing in line at our “favorite” sandwich shop, getting the prosciutto and mozzarella with tomato sandwich.


By using time tracking software, my friend was able to dissect those patterns and begin to understand where his time was actually going. This was a huge break through for him and allowed him to decide what parts of those patterns were important, and which were not. How could he combine several of these patterns into one task? Looking for ways to compress his day to day patterns, opened up huge gaps of available time where he could pursue other interests and projects.


Time tracking software literally saved my friend years in his life and exponentially increased his productivity in a real way.


I have also applied these techniques to my own daily schedule, and found the same amazing results. I now am much more productive during the day. The best thing is I can go back into the Flapps history and see all the tasks that I have done during the day. Was this important? What about that?


By asking yourself these simple questions, you can quickly change your behaviour to include more “important” and productive things in your routine.


It’s all about time management in the end. Another good friend likes to say, “Life is expensive for time.”


Check out Flapps online time tracking software. It’s FREE to try it out.

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