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Here at Flapps we are going back to the future to bring you the latest reincarnation of time management with our new mobile attendance system.

Think of clocking in and clocking out of your work shift and your mind will immediately drift off to images of workers in the 1950’s industrial sector lining up to punch their work card. But the time clock has been around much longer than six decades. In fact, the earliest known device for tracking workers hours is thought to have been designed by Williard Le Grand Bundy, a New York jeweler, in 1888.

Fast-forward to 2015 and it’s easy to see how things have changed for the humble, yet incredibly effective, time clock. However, we at Flapps love to look to the past for inspiration and that is why we are delighted to announce that we have developed a mobile attendance system that is perfect for employment agencies and factories.



Our mobile attendance uses a simple box, 3G or WiFi enabled Android device and our Flapps time tracking software to ensure that your company can easily implement a clock in and out system. The time is then logged into their individual account and the time tracking begins with our Flapps software.

The basic principle of the time clock remains in place as employees use their specially programmed cards to clock in. This is done by simply holding the card up to the box until the phone flashes and beeps. It will beep once when you clock in and twice when you are clock out. Once this happens you know your details have been logged in the system successfully.

Having this system in place has numerous benefits for your company. It is cost effective as it’s cheap to install, you can even make your own smartbox! Making your own smartbox is quick and simple, you just need a smartphone, double sided tape and a box. You can find these boxes by doing a quick Google search to find the nearest supplier to you.

Because you will be using Flapps software the hours logged by workers will go immediately into the system. This results in your payroll procedures becoming more streamlined as all employee logged hours are in the system from day one. When payday rolls around your new mobile attendance will have all the information you need at your fingertips.


If you are a temp agency it also has important advantages such as allowing you to have a digital record of the workers you have supplied to a business. For example, if you have ten temporary workers lined up to work in a shop leading up to the busy Christmas rush you will be able to see if all ten clocked in each day. If only eight have clocked in using the mobile attendance system you will be able to see and can organize to fill the positions.

By using this system you will provide a professional and efficient service to companies. Your temp agency will also receive payment promptly as the temp workers hours will have been logged using Flapps and their details will be automatically with the payroll department.

So there you have it, our new modern take on the classic time clock for punching in and out has arrived. Combined with our time tracking software, it creates the perfect system that is easy to use and saves you money. The ultimate combination for any business.

If you interested in finding out more about our mobile attendance please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team.

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