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New Additions to Flapps Online Time Tracking Software


The development team has been hard at work this past month and we are excited with what they cooked up!  Read below for our recent updates to the online time tracking software and infrastructure.


1. New Daily Sheet layout

The Daily Sheet has been totally revamped with a new easier to use layout.


The layout now is more intuitive with a flow from left to right. Time entry starts with selecting a date with the calendar on the left. The middle column is where you will enter tasks and associated projects. The timer and notes are on the right now.


I think you will agree that this new interface is much more intuitive to use and enter your online time tracking entries.


We also took into consideration the use of Flapps on tablets and this new layout works perfectly in that environment as well. There is much less scrollling and overall it fits well on the screen.


Now the dev team is working on the ability to Copy and Move items between days. This new feature will be release soon, and I will post an announcement here when that becomes available.



2. Enhanced hardware infrastructure

Our goal at Flapps is to be the best online time tracking software available. And once again, we have upped the ante by increasing our server resources.


Backups are now performed every 8 hours 24/7.


We have also added a new option in the configuration that will require strong passwords for your users. If this is enabled on your account, then it would increase security.


All this adds up to Flapps running very smooth with no down time.



3. Mobile apps: Android Online Time Tracking is Coming SOON!

That’s right! The development team is about ready to roll out the Android app for those workers on the move.


Our target release date is mid September. Come back here for more updates on the release of the app.


And iPhone users can also have something to celebrate. We will also be rolling out a new update for the IPhone app that will allow users on the go to create new Clients and Projects directly on their phones.


Our team reports that it has already been tested with iOS7 and there are no issues to report.



So that wraps up our new announcements for now. Check back here frequently for more improvements to the awesome Flapps online time tracking and expense software.


We would love to hear from you on any ideas or changes you would like to see in Flapps. Drop us a line: info@flapps.com


Thanks again for your support!



Flapps Team

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