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The main advantage of using software as a service is the fact that it constantly evolves and gets better. The same goes for Flapps. We add new features, make enhancements to existing features and fix bugs on an ongoing basis. After the large update in February, we released a minor update last week. What’s new?


1. Task rate enhancement


Up until now, you were able to set an hourly rate for the particular task. Many of you asked us to be able to set a fixed price or per task rate instead of charging per hour. Flapps now allows you to use both types of charging your client for the tasks you do. Go to Configuration -> Tasks and set the task rate to ‘per hour’ or ‘per task’.

Task with the ‘per task’ billing method will show in the billing report with the set fixed price, regardless of hours spent working on it.


2. Employee cost and billing rate


Another enhancement requested by our client was to be able to set both, cost and billing rate for the employees to be able to see better the profitability of the projects charged by the hour. Flapps, in addition to setting the employee billing rate, now lets you set the employee cost either as an hourly cost rate or as a monthly salary. These costs are then used in all calculations of the project costs and profitability. Go to Configuration -> Employees to set the employee cost and billing rates.


3. Vacation rollover settings and capping


Flapps time off feature supports vacation rollover from one year to the next one. The new settings of rollover added last week allows you to limit how many unused vacation days can one roll over to the next year and also supports vacation capping – how many months is that transferred vacation good for before it gets capped. Vacation rollover and capping can be set for the whole company in Configuration -> Time Off Types or individually for each employee in Configuration -> Employee -> Time Off Settings.


4. Zero-downtime infrastructure


Software provided as a service is expected by the clients to be available 24/7/365. And rightly so. Our tech team introduced state-of-the-art technology into our application hosting infrastructure that essentially eliminates all planned service downtime. From now on, all our application updates will be done during live production without users being able to notice it. This improvement may not be visible to you since even the past service updates took only several seconds, but together with en excellent and highly reliable Amazon application hosting allows us to provide you even higher quality online application service than before.


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