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We worked with staffing agencies for the past several years to co-design a solution that brings them massive benefits and resolves several big headaches. They found that our software gave them greater flexibility and crucially, it gave them access to the type of live data that provided them with a clearer picture of current employee attendance statistics.

It also allowed them to see if their clients were providing their employees with all their necessary rights.

To get access to this live data the agencies installed our mobile attendance software. This software provides companies with Near Field Communication (NFC) cards that contain a microchip. These cards are then programmed with the details of each employee. An employee simply needs to hold his card against a smart box that contains 3G or WiFi enabled Android device that has the latest Flapps app installed. Once they have done this they have signed into Flapps and their time tracking has begun for the day.

To put it simply we created a modern clock in and out system via Flapps.

By using a staffing agency we can highlight perfectly how this feature of Flapps benefits companies in this sector.

For the purpose of this case study let us imagine that the staffing agency has its headquarters in Paris, France. They also supply employees to companies across several different European locations. As you would expect, this is a complicated process with various different labour laws and public holidays having to be applied.

So let’s first view the problems that this staffing agency ran into before using Flapps.

One of the main issues they faced was that they were completely in the dark when it came to knowing the percentage of employees that actually turned up to their jobs. They also faced the difficult task of implementing the various labour laws that occurred in different locations and having an accurate list of what time off was still available to the employees.

If that wasn’t enough they also had to make sure that their clients, i.e. the companies that they sent these employees to, were not understaffed. They also needed to ensure that these employees were not committing fraud by claiming for hours they didn’t work or taking more time off than they were entitled to.

They turned to Flapps because we could supply them with everything they needed, plus more. It also provided them with a very affordable solution with a quick and easy installation process.

Our software was able to track all signing in and out data in real time and figure in all the labour laws and specific public holidays that the different locations had.

It also meant that the company could finally view actual live data relating to employees by viewing the time that they clocked into their perspective jobs. This resulted in the company in Paris being able to view if their client was left short staffed and if they were they could make the necessary adjustments if needed.

Staffing agencies have found that using Flapps saved them money across the board as it cut out any chance of fraud, intentionally or not, and helped their business run better by ensuring they were not caught understaffed.

It also helped their clients improve their payroll departments by supplying them with easy access to all the hours logged thus speeding up the process and lowering the level of possible human error involved.

In the end this aspect of our software provides both the employees and our clients with an invaluable service.


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