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There are times when you are strong enough to push through the systems-change, other times you accept it all just as it is – hoping it will not fall apart… Any of these notions has hit you recently?


🙁 Feeling swamped by zillions of bureaucratic processes

🙁 Panicking from missing the time & attendance submission deadlines

🙁 Irritated by employees ignorant of your reminders

🙁 Frustrated by continuously prolonged HR solution implementation

🙁 Getting impatient because of a slow replication between several HR systems

🙁 Losing a grip of the information flow

🙁 Overwhelmed by skyrocketing implementation costs

🙁 Discouraged by outdated technical modules

🙁 Crippled by rigid providers’ contracts

🙁 Saddened by loosing quality millennial brains thanks to unsexy applications


🙂 We are here to help! Give up on trying to make the change all by yourself, because you are not alone! We at Flapps understand your feelings inside-out.

🙂 Over the past 5 years we have been on the mission of bringing to the HR professionals a flexible application at a reasonable costs all whilst performing fast implementation.


The HR Tech World Amsterdam kicks off tomorrow and Flapps will be there!

StartUp section, Stand #730

Our CEO Taras Baca will reveal the secrets of time and attendance systems.

StartUp stage, 24 Oct 17 @ 14.35


See you there!


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