It has been a while since we have set on a journey of creating XperienceHR. Of course we had a pretty clear idea about its basic functionalities, technical possibilities and user-friendly design. The first version of the web-based app was developed, introduced and used. Wheheeey!

What happened next? Exactly what we expected. Over the months and years that followed we have learned a lot. There is this ever-present pushing power created by digital discoveries on a global scale and XperienceHR hasn’t escaped its influence. It moves ahead with such velocity that inspires us to build in new features, e.g. introducing new redesigned XperienceHR mobile versions in 2017. All this while having fun! 


However, there is yet another power pushing us to exercise our creative muscles even more! That power is our clients! Looking at XperienceHR through their eyes, we have been unleashing the potential unknown even to us. Every single enterprise has its specifics, be it legal requirements, types of workers/employees, company structure, approval processes, various technical systems in place, weather conditions of warehouse/factory name it! Listening to our customers' needs, suggestions and requirements XperienceHR has become so much more featureful and more flexible than was the original promise by us. This is how it goes: a client has an idea and shares it with us; there is a feature that could be useful - they suggest it; a function, which is awkwardly positioned - they point that out!

Gone are the days of solution providers with ‘Here is the app and that is all you get’ kind of attitude. Thanks to elevating us to their business partner, XperienceHR now navigates the users with intuitive powers :)


We always choose: Simple over over-engineered; user-friendly over "for IT pro only"; intuitive over complicated.


clients feedback

XperienceHR has just won these very characteristics by one of our clients, a major pharmaceutical company. We are happy to share a part of the interview:

1/ How would you describe user experience you personally have with XperienceHR?

  • We consider XperienceHR to be an intuitive and user-friendly tool
  • There is an advantage of fast data export to excel with an option to customize specific requirements

2/ What are your HR employees saying about using XperienceHR? 

  • It is an intuitive instrument, which assists us with easy employees' absence evidence and management
  • Simple cloud system with flexible connection, we appreciate email notification


3/ Tell us 3+ things XperienceHR has made easier within your HR department at daily/weekly/monthly operational levels 

  • Evidence of all absences in one single application
  • Online evidence and management of absences without a necessity to connect to our company's network
  • Reporting of absences


4/ Current trend according to Bershin is a shift from “automation” to “productivity”. Do you see XperienceHR solution following this trend? How?

  • We have utilized an option of including meals reports. This has incredibly simplified the luncheon vouchers ordering process.
  • We are sure to discover new ways of using XperienceHR for admin processes with the aim of lessening human error rate and reducing human capital.