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Atlassian with its popular JIRA application has completely redesigned their plugin framework in the last several months. This forced us to rewrite the old plugin (or lets use the new Atlassian terminology that calls it an Add-on) that syncs work logged on issues from JIRA into Flapps time sheets.


It’s been a difficult journey (which our dev team will confirm) to develop what is a fairly simple connector because of constantly changing beta version of the Add-on framework, but today we can announce that the new time tracking plugin for JIRA has been approved by Atlassian and can be found for download in the Atlassian marketplace.


This Add-on is available to all Flapps users for free and works with both JIRA OnDemand and Download options, version 6.0 and newer.


Few words about what this Add-on does…


After settings users and projects in both Flapps and JIRA, it syncs all the work logged in JIRA into Flapps. Why would you want to do that? Well, for those who know JIRA better, it is intended for breaking down project into tasks and keeping track of so called issues being it task, bug, new feature, etc. However, and that’s where Flapps comes into play, projects usually include other activities such as client meetings, calls, brainstorming sessions, standup meetings etc. that are typically not tracked as JIRA issues. These get tracked in Flapps. By syncing work logged from JIRA to Flapps time tracking app you get the complete picture of time and money spent on the project, that you can monitor as you go and create reports for your management and clients.


Cool feature that goes along with the time tracking is tracking the employee time off, which Flapps seamlessly integrates within one software app.

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