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HR Tech World Amsterdam was a magical place to be this October! Well, actually, now rebranded to Unleash, this very nicely goes in line with Taras’ presentation delivered at the start up stage yesterday: “What Secrets The Time And Attendance Data Can Reveal

Working with our clients for the past 5 years has been a truly rewarding journey. As soon as Flapps is integrated and used in their systems, we witness the unleashed potential of their HR set up and processes.

Along with the operational usage of Flapps, a great deal of employee data is being generated. Why do we at Flapps care about these data? We have a one-word answer: millennials. They are here, they are great, and they are tech savvy. With their clearly defined mindset and typical behavior patterns, they tend to change jobs every 2 years! A problem? Oh yes! So at Flapps we have decided to chip in with our 2 cents to tackle some of the challenges.

It is not however through some kind sophisticated and complex Artificial Intelligence software attempting to read millennials’ minds. We are simply developing HR intelligence based on HR best practices and common sense assisted by data algorithms. And here comes the Secret!

We don’t focus on features, we focus on employee experience!

  • Let us take for example Jessica, who is excited about her new job. Flapps knows when her first day at work is. Flapps also knows her exact working hours. Flapps will send her a friendly message after work: “How was your first day at work?”
  • Jessica has a colleague Fred. Flapps knows when Fred works 14 hours striving hard to make that impact on the assigned project. Flapps will send Fred’s manager a message: “John, Fred worked a 14-hour day today, would be nice to say Thank you.”
  • And there is Greg … He has requested a summer vacation starting on Monday. He called in sick a week before. Flapps can identify Greg has done this same pattern 3 times already!

Can you see it coming? Recognition received, feedback given, impact made, employee fraud captured.

The two days at Unleash Amsterdam only reinforced our determination to focus on individuality, humanity and personal experience unleashing people power! That is all possible when the secrets hidden in data are revealed.



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