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I have been entrepreneur since I can remember. My first business was selling lemonade. From there I graduated to paper routes, lawn care, handy man, web design, marketing and now salami. I am a self taught business person, with no formal education in business. My family did not understand the idea of not wanting to stay with the job I landed with the state museum system. It meant stability and benefits.


Being a business owner has always been my calling. I would take the occasional job here and there to pay the bills in the slow times. But as soon as things got better, I was off again branching out looking for the next opportunity of making it big time. The businesses have been many and varied. Following the path of my current interests and relationships. Each of these business, while not having brought me to the Forbes “Rich List”, have taught me some invaluable lessons in how to get closer to that dream.


The biggest and recurring lesson is about productivity. “Work smarter, not harder.” How do you take the 24 hours in a day and maximize that to your benefit? Benefit meaning being productive. Running a profitable business that is growing. Are you doing everything you can in the most efficient manner?


Being productive means understanding what you are doing in the past, now and in the future. Maximizing each hour of the day so that your personal efforts are moving you and the business closer to the end goal of satisfaction and wealth. Without that understanding of your activities, you might as well stop right now and go submit your resume to the nearest business that is hiring. Let the managers manage your time for you. Because without a solid grasp on understanding where your time has gone and more importantly, where it is going, you are dead already. Close up shop and turn out the lights.


So how do I make the most of my day? By using a simple online tool that tracks my time. A complete log of everything I have done during the day and how long each activity took to complete. This one simple act has allowed me to hone my activities in a day, in a week, to fulfill my resolution of working smarter, not harder.


Was that meeting necessary? Am I bringing in sufficient revenue for a series of tasks for the amount of time I am giving it each day? Where can I gain another 30 minutes in my day?


With online time tracking software such as Flapps, I am now able to track, record and review all of my activities. Figure out where my time spent is best utilized to propel the business forward and maximize revenues. I personally like Flapps, because it allows me to customize in a variety of ways. I can break the time tracking out into clients, projects, tasks, billable, non-billable, etc. The reports that Flapps produces are very insightful as well. They allow me to analyze my activities and gain insight in how to further my goal of working smarter.


Working smarter with Flapps time tracking software. It just makes sense. Give it a try now. It’s free to test drive. I know you will not be disappointed.

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