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Summer has arrived and we trust that you are enjoying some nice sunny weather, if you are lucky enough to get it.

It’s business as usual here at Flapps HQ, although we do sometimes get to wear shorts to the office, so summer has not passed us by completely as we continue to strive to make our software better and better.

We have released several updates to the software over the past few months, but in case you missed them we have put together a short article on what’s new in Flapps.


Client’s Contact

We have added a new extra option to the Clients & Projects section of Flapps. It is called Client’s Contact and it will allow you to add the details of your clients to the Clients & Projects section. This will mean you can check on the attendance of employees and on any project timesheets connected to them.

To activate this you need go to the Clients & Projects tab at the top of the page. Then you simply click on clients and then the client in question followed by clicking on the Client’s Contacts button that you will find directly under the Edit client one. You will then see a black plus sign; click on this and an information table that needs to be filled will appear. Once you have done all this you will be able to use the new option.


HR & HR Admin Role Redefined

The role of HR and the HR Admin has been slightly changed so that the admin of the project can edit and alter the options open to regular HR employees. It creates an organizational structure with the HR department and gives more control back to the admin of the project/company.

Employee ID Number

Employees now have their individual ID number visible when accessing their details through the employee tab. Previously the ID number was added during the process of creating and adding a new worker to the system. It was here that their personal ID could be found. Now it is visible beside the rest of their employment details such as their manager and their daily workload. This is an important extra to have when using our clock in/out system.

Timesheet changes & New Notifications

The timesheet has been tweaked and improved making it even easier to use for project and line managers. The new changes to the setup means that a manager can now view the hours worked, including overtime, for each member of their team on a specific day beside the name of the employee.

We also put a new notification into the project timesheet section so all project and line managers will be notified to any and all changes to timesheets that need to be checked. Once you select the icon you can then approve, reject, edit or delete the timesheets, as you deem necessary.

So now you are all caught up with the latest news from Flapps. We hope you found it informative and we will be back to update you once again later in the year.

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