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As we race towards the end of the year we thought we would take this time to give you one final update with the latest news from Flapps.

2016 has been an incredibly busy year for us all as we have continued to evolve Flapps beyond a regular online time tacking tool.

Since we last updated you we have been busy adding new aspects to Flapps along with tweaking existing features to make the product run smoother.


One of the main things we have improved is the upgrade we have made to our front-end (JavaScript) libraries.

The new version has resulted in overall performance been improved. This all means that our security has increased once again and your data is even more protected. It is part of our company ethos to make our online software the most user friendly and the most secure product on the market.

Clients & Projects have had changes made to the edit client option including the page client’s contact. The customer connected to the project will have access to projects that they are associated with and only they will be able to see this section and approve entered data on that screen.

The Attendance detail screen has had some new options added to it. The first addition to draw your attention to in the attendance feature that now has a new notification icon (!) that informs project managers about modifications made to timesheets.


We have also added a new button called approvals to the Attendance screen.

By using this additional option you will find grouped data from the attendance detail screen and you can approve all values with just one click.

Even though we have been busy adding these new additions to Flapps we have also had one eye on the future and adding extra features that you, our clients, have suggested. One such add-on that is currently in the pipeline is the introduction of shifts into our online time tracking software.


This feature will make life easier for companies that employ a shift system within their business. It will provide companies with several options that will cover any and all possible scenarios that could crop up.

The new Flapps shift feature will allow you to cover morning and evening shifts along with continuous and floating shift sessions.

As we get closer to going live with it we will be releasing more information regarding the new shifts feature. Keep an eye on our regularly updated blog section and all our social media channels for all the latest news from Flapps.

We will have one more update before the end of the year with a review of all the new cool aspects we introduced in 2016 so keep an eye out for that also.

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