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With 2017 well under way we thought it would be a good time to get you up to speed with what has been going on here at Flapps. We will start with a brief catch-up on the end of 2016 and a look ahead to a major new feature that we are close to releasing.

End of the Year round up

We have added a comprehensive review of 2016 to the blog section of our website. In this blog we go over all the major additions, improvements and changes made to Flapps last year. This could be a useful resource to check out in case you missed some new feature that was added last year.

There have been some cosmetic changes to Flapps. The first one to draw your attention to is in the time tracking page has had a minor change to its layout with the previous the dollar [$] bill sign been replaced on by a new interactive button – now labeled Billable – located beside the Save and Cancel buttons.

The second change can be found in the List of Time Off section where the Used column in is now interactive meaning you can get a detailed breakdown of time off used by clicking on it.

Illustration depicting a sign with a night shift concept.

Legal Entities

In the coming weeks we hope to roll out our new legal entities feature. At the moment our development team is busy putting the final touches to a new Organization Structure that will be known as Legal Entities and a new user role list that will help transform how employees have access to your company layout. This new designed feature will provide companies with a more detailed overview. It will also contain several new user roles. These updated user roles will provide select employees with various levels of access to your company structure depending on their role within the company.

As we get closer to going live with it we will be releasing more information regarding this new feature. Keep an eye on our regularly updated blog section and all our social media channels for all the latest news from Flapps or contact a member of our team (info@flapps.com) to find out more.



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