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Phew, it’s almost the middle of February already. Where does the time go? Well luckily as an online time tracking company we know exactly where our time has gone! It has gone into adding some cool new features to Flapps meaning your time tracking possibilities continue to grow with us.

So what exactly have we been up to?

System Upgrade

We have recently upgraded our servers to more powerful servers. As our customer traffic has continued to rise we decided that we needed to upgrade our servers to increase our computing power. This has resulted in a faster, smoother customer experience.

Our clients now enjoy a quicker experience using the software which results in them saving time while tracking their time. We are determined to make your time tracking process as time efficient as possible and we believe this is another step in the right direction.


Overtime Overhaul

Our overtime section has gone through a makeover in recent weeks and has come out the other side as a slicker, all encompassing feature as a result.

Previously the overtime feature was designed to log and display all overtime hours at the end of the month. However, we decided that allowing our clients the ability to have their overtime hours logged and displayed daily would be more useful. It means, for example, that an employee can work longer on a Monday in order to leave early on a Friday. Of course this is only a basic example and will also need to meet the requirements of overtime laid out by your company.

If you check the convert overtime to time off box it allows you to convert overtime to time off on a daily basis.


New Project / Line Manager

Adding a new project or line manager to your team is now a simple click away with our improved feature that allows you to simply select the employee that is to be the new project or line manager. If you are a project / line manager who manages several projects and you are leaving the company you can now assign a new manager to take over your projects. All you need to do now is select the person who is taking over your responsibilities and check the box.

The new improvement to the feature makes transferring responsibility quick and easy. It also means there should be no confusion or lack of continuity on projects.


Lunch Deductions

Lunch deductions are a new feature that we have recently added to the array of options within our software. Lunch deductions are a commonplace practice in Europe where companies must provide employees with a hot meal option. If the business does not do this they are required to provide their employees with monetary vouchers to use in restaurants and shops. To avail of these vouchers an employee must work at least four hours a day and generally means that they are entitled to at least 20 vouchers per month.

Our new feature will track everything to do with lunch deductions. It will allow you to create a document that shows you how many vouchers employees are due by calculating the hours that they have already logged throughout the previous month. It also takes into account any vacation or sick days that were used in the pervious month meaning an accurate amount of lunch vouchers allotted to all employees.

So as you can see it’s been another busy few months here at Flapps as we continue to evolve our product to give you the most complete time tracking experience possible. We will continue to work hard to add new features so stay tuned to our blog and social media channels to get all the latest on what’s happening at Flapps.

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