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Since we are talking SaaS cloud solution here, we are constantly developing and upgrading our services. Excited about online, technology, and innovation? Hunger and potential are the most important factors we look for in our new colleagues. Let us know about yourself and who knows? We might be shaping the future of the HR tool together!

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Frontend Developer

Fresh, functional and friendly app. This is in short what we are looking to achieve if we were to Fresh, functional and friendly app. This is in short what we are looking to achieve if we were to cooperate with you. To keep up with the trend of what really is considered as a cool application, we are regularly reviewing how we compare to the friendliness of IG or such. This broadly creative role which also requires a solid set of technical skills could be your next step in the frontend development career.

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Sales Rep

Our main stakeholders are Human Resource Managers, a really nice bunch of professionals :). You would be actively making connections globally through social media and HR tech events. Part of your week would be presenting our solution to potential clients, mostly online. The beauty of this position is that rather than doing cold calling and though selling, you would be in the position of HR Consultant. If fact, you would be helping the HR Leaders with finding an optimal solution to tackle their challenges. Each presentation would be different! Occasional trips to the neighboring countries and meetings with our partners would be another enjoyable part of your responsibilities.

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Graphic Designer

You would be proudly wearing a badge behind the graphics of our marketing materials, social media posts, and company branding aspects. Our software signature is all about a good balance between high-tech and people-friendly. If you are a skilled freelancer or available to join some of our projects on ad-hoc bases, we wanna see your portfolio: )

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