You have decided to modernize. You have the budget. You have the pipeline plan. Main goal? Replacement of the outdated dinosaur processes and systems with some cool modern HR tools loved even by the millennial crowd! Sounds like you?

Read on…

Here you are at a point when you have choices. Well, too many choices on the table. The challenge is to encompass the whole lot of HR functions using the least number of technology channels and tools. Ideally those should be fitting your company culture and business strategy.

You get on with your research, creating a spreadsheet with specific possibilities, perhaps starting with the most known solutions by the market giants. You also sign up with a dozen different providers for 30-days, 15-days, 7-days free trials to test their the-best-fit solution, as they claim.

You do your homework researching those systems’ functions, potential modifications, design, trying to estimate how simple, or rather how complicated the whole roll-out would be, using APIs and covering a high-level security measures and GDPR requirements. Oh, let’s not forget about the implementation time and of course the costs.

Then you move on to researching those less known tools presented by the beloved enthusiastic startups! >Actually, have you ever considered a startup solution? Those guys are in general a lot more flexible, faster, and cheaper than the established vendors, all that without lessening the quality of their solution.

Now, let us stop here for a little bit.

Imagine one place that has it all! You can see the tools live, you can talk to real people, leaving behind the machines or self-guided chat-bots. Face to face remains the best way to make the most informed decisions, right? >Well, Flapps attended Unleash (formerly HR Tech) for the 3rd time!


Time and Attendance Tracking along with Absence Management continue to be a hot topic for the majority of companies. Paper-based process dispersed over various channels is asking for digitization and unification with the core HR system. Flapps does exactly that for corporations and SMEs across Europe.

With a big smile, we will welcome all curious minds at our start-up booth #639! The Flapps team is anticipating a great deal of knowledge-sharing by the trend-setters from HR, digitization, IT, operations, and people strategy departments!

The London show had it all!

Grand opening, workshops, keynotes, expo, startup-show with the startup corner, one-on-ones, simply, the best match-making place for all HR enthusiasts and professionals alike to be!

London Calling Poster