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Becoming a partner with XperienceHR means you are more than just a name in our contacts list. You become a part of XperienceHR family. Our Partner Program helps you grow your business and provide additional services to your clients.

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We are looking for business partners who are passionate about helping their clients navigate the ever-evolving world of software services.

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Expand your Business

Becoming a XperienceHR partner will expand your line of business into new HR software areas.

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Market Potential

Partnering with Xperience is a unique opportunity for you in the enterprise SaaS space. Time Tracking and Absence Management has a large market potential that covers a diverse range of clients.

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Joining forces with Xperience truly means becoming part of a fast growing, customizable software that can offer you one of the best deals around.

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Attractive Margins

Partners of XperienceHR enjoy generous margins. They have seized an opportunity to add additional revenue stream to their current business for several years.

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Dedicated Support

As part of our team, you will get dedicated support with excellent enterprise software expertise to assist you with any issue from time and absence management HR area.

Interested in partnering with us?

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1 to 1 Administration

1 to 1 Administration delivers taylor-made administrative solutions developed by a team of experienced, innovative and approachable experts. They are ensuring maximum comfort in accounting, reporting, payroll and HR/business consultancy.

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Vitium Group

From its primary focus on human resource management, the company has also developed as a provider of IT solutions to support the efficiency of processes in HR, finance, business and other administration. Vitium Group is a partner of major international companies operating in the European, Asian and American markets. It delivers innovative, fast-applying solutions with an emphasis on the development, efficiency and subsidiarity of key business areas.

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LE CHEQUE DEJEUNER s.r.o. (Up Dejeuner) is an independently acting subsidiary of a French company, which was established in 1964 and has representation in 26 countries. Since 1995 it simplifies the dining system, motivation, and compensation of employees in Slovakia.

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As a consultant through Go2Law, Hugh continues to advise on strategic, complex M&A in the wider Central European region. He advises buy-side and sell-side, strategic and financial investors, on transactions in key sectors such as telecommunications, technology, media, financial services, energy and healthcare. Hugh also provides training to clients and other law firms on topics such as negotiation skills, drafting, and general M&A (SPAs, W&I).

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Xplain, business community at service for companies based in Italy. A team of skilled specialists in the IT, technological and organizational sectors, ready to add value to your business. Their mission is to become the only interlocutor for every business need in the technological, digital, and consulting area.

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Phase 3

We are pleased to have partnered with Phase 3, leading providers of professional and managed services for HR, Payroll and Finance technologies who will cover the full project system lifestyle from selection, implementation and development through to ongoing managed services.

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Persona Grata

Persona Grata is a Human Resource and headhunting agency focused on the search and selection of specialists active on the Slovak market and abroad. The advantage of working with Persona Grata is that they are using the most efficient modern headhunting and marketing tools, thus supporting client’s HR processes. For their clients they also create LinkedIn strategies enhancing brand building and new customers’ acquisition.

DB Informatic Logo

DB Informatic@

DB Informatic@ is an Italian-based IT consultancy. The team offers professional advice with the main goal of establishing stable and lasting systems. The services include corporate IT consultancy, IT systems design, software design and development (ASP-NET and APP Android), communication network design, video surveillance projects, set up of messaging systems, management of document flows and of privacy aspects (GDPR and AgID Minimum Minimum Measures).

AmCham Slovakia

AmCham Slovakia

The American Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia is an independent non-profit which currently unites around 300 Slovak and foreign companies. It has been operating in Slovakia for 30 years with the aim of bringing positive change within the business environment in Slovakia. The key pillars of the chamber include law enforcement, the introduction of innovations, education and talent support, as well as regional development.

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Each company is different and needs a tailor-made solution. In VGD you would cooperate with experts with an extensive experience in various fields: taxes, accounting and corporate financing, legal advice, automation and digitization, human resources, IT, subsidies, or planning of real estate transactions. Thanks to such expertise, you would work together on achieving the success of your company.

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Imagine having a trusted partner at your side, unlocking the treasure hidden in your data, and providing insights that empower your business decisions. At, they bring together a team of true masters who, with their unparalleled speed and accuracy, transform your raw data into a treasure map, guiding you towards untapped opportunities and business success.

Logo-Aston ITM

Aston ITM

Aston ITM is a dynamic company that has been operating in the IT technology market since 1998. They create applications that make people's lives easier. By bringing together top software development experts and exceptional business people, they are transforming the insurance, utilities and services industry. The main pillars of their work are Consulting, Digitization, Agile and Support. At Aston ITM, they work with the belief that digitization means a more sustainable and efficient future.

Logo getClients


getCLIENTS is boutique agency that provides more customized services and focuses on the client's industry and niche. getCLIENTS was established in 2010. A better part of their services is event management, and services related to communication strategy, PR and branding are also on the list. Their specialty is consulting in CSR and community investments. getCLIENTS assists companies with design, launch and management of CSR programs with positive impact on their entrepreneurship. The approach of getCLIENTS combines many years of experience, inventive and strategic approach, focus on detail and honest production work.



Multiplier is a leading global workforce management platform. This all-in-one product suite enables businesses to grow global teams in minutes, easily and compliantly in 160+ countries. With speedy onboarding, global payroll, independent contractor hiring and worldwide workforce management, Multiplier empowers businesses to step over borders, find the right talent and expand into new markets. All while saving costs and providing a great employee experience. This is Multiplier - one platform, limitless opportunity.

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XperienceHR aligns with Deel, a leading global platform transforming how businesses handle remote workforce management. Deel simplifies global hiring, payroll, and compliance, offering a seamless solution for international workforce needs. With innovative tools like compliant contracts and automated payroll processing, businesses can confidently scale globally. Together, XperinceHR and Deel empower companies to navigate international employment complexities effortlessly, allowing a focus on core business objectives in the modern remote work environment.

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