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Choose between the Time Clocks, mobile app, web app, or let your employees decide by choosing any combination of the methods mentioned. Whatever fits your company best. And even though tracking Time and Attendance truly is simple from employees’ perspective, it is a whole different story on the managers’ level. Scanning through tons of data with art of precision takes a lot of time and effort. That is why XperienceHR time and attendance management system offers features with detailed overviews like Mass Approval, Detail View, and others.

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Time Tracking

XperienceHR gives you and your employees a range of options on how to track time. From manual daily entry to weekly timesheet view, it only takes a few clicks to get the work recorded. Other options include a time tracker or exception-based automatic time tracking. With monthly, weekly, or custom timesheet periods, it gives you real flexibility to adjust this tool according to your company's needs and not the other way around.

Time Tracking

Leave Management

XperienceHR comes with a Paid Time Off (PTO) management feature fully integrated with employee time tracking. The system allows the HR Admin to create any type of absence based on the country law and company internal guidelines and country law. Days in lieu, carry over and PTO accruals can be defined in the settings. This reduces labor costs related to payroll preparation.

Vacation Time

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Introducing our cutting-edge Shifts Scheduler module, the ultimate solution for streamlining and optimizing shift management in the fast-paced industries of retail, manufacturing, logistics and more. Designed with the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, this feature expedites the way managers schedule shifts, saving valuable time and ensuring the perfect balance between skillsets and operational needs. Discard the scheduling process of juggling spreadsheets and manually comparing schedules. This tool automates the entire process, adapting to your business requirements and providing customizable criteria for shift assignments.

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XperienceHR in 45 Seconds

Searching for a new HR tool in the ocean of HR technology can get overwhelming. Our Time off and Attendance management app, XperienceHR offers a variety of modules. It works well in the office, field, factories or remote work. This is how you can analyse how our HR software can match your HR needs, cover legal attendance and vacation rules while supporting your company culture.

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Both the web and the mobile phone app hold Absence Requests and Approvals with an option to attach a document.

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If you have employees located in different countries, XperienceHR can deal with it in one account. One system tracks all your employees across all customer sites and countries. Apply different holidays, PTO or calendars.

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The system supports multiple languages, employees can set their preferred language. XperienceHR supports English, German, French, Italian, Polish, Czech and Slovak.

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You don't need your own server infrastructure and IT department to implement our system. Sign up to try it for free.

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Our clients’ right to privacy is of our top priority at XperienceHR. All the data is stored exclusively within the EU. Our primary datacenter is at Amazon in Ireland. Our secondary datacenters are Amazon servers located in France and Germany.

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XperienceHR is flexible and able to configure according to any special attendance and absence policy in your company.

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"We have Improved discipline at the client’s sites; employees know that their manager has their attendance available in real-time. We already see simplified internal processes, for example, the work calendars."

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