XperienceHR online time tracking software is scalable to meet the higher level of enterprise requirements. Soon, after launching the first version of XperienceHR, we recognized that there was a lack of time tracking software that met the needs of large corporations that needed scalability on the fly.


That is why we developed our Enterprise Time Tracking Plan, with features such as:

  • Manager role delegation
  • Batch operations
  • API integration with their employee databases
  • Customized reports or other customizations
  • Cross-national organization structure
  • Multi-country public holiday calendars
  • Cross-national management approvals
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Preferred support
  • And more

These were requests we received from current enterprise clients, and we rose to the occasion to design and develop the XperienceHR online time tracking software to meet these needs.

Enterprise time tracking is a more complex system than your standard time tracking software, which is typically available. Enterprise time tracking requires multiple levels of management and employees, spread out over several countries and time zones. Often times there are also legacy databases that need to be incorporated and integrated into the time tracking system. Custom APIs and other customizations are needed to achieve this.

Also, preferred support is a requirement as any downtime can affect business at all levels. Uptime is mission critical and that is why we offer 24/7 support to our enterprise clients.

Other customizations include specific reports that are generated by XperienceHR online time tracking software. We will design and develop any report that an enterprise level client needs.

Our goal is to be the best online time, task and expense tracking solution out there. One step at a time, we are achieving our goal.

Go ahead and check out our other features and sign up for a free trial. Find out how our online time tracking software raises the bar.