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XperienceHR Core HR is a new breed of HR solutions. Leaving behind complicated over-engineering, our Core HR is a practical people tool for a modern HR administration. All you need to know about your people is stored in one central place in a single time and attendance software.

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Master Employee Data

The XperienceHR Core HR is complemented by our top-notch time tracking and absence management module. Your attendance and absence data is collected by the XperienceHR time and attendance app which feeds live data into your employee database. This setup represents all your HR needs to feed monthly data into any payroll system.

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Customizable employee data sets

Employee fields are custom defined to fit your employee data needs. The XperienceHR HR tool is designed in a way that you can add or turn of specific features in the Core HR module without coding. All is set up during the implementation process with the help of our team.

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Employee documents

In the XperienceHR time and attendance tool, you have an option to save all employee contracts and documents in the HCM. Enterprise level data security ensures the highest level of privacy and data protection.

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Effective decision making

We store personal and professional employee data in one place, making it easy for managers and HR to make accurate, timely decisions. You are still able to run two HR databases concurrently, you decide which one is the main database and the data is synchronized.

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